2KW Bar and Restaurant – Summer Cocktail Launch

Those who know me are more than aware that 2KW is one of my favourite bars in Adelaide. I’ve spent many a day and night soaking up the atmosphere, taking in the magnificent view and indulging in some cocktail appreciation. 2KW has introduced four new summer cocktails to their repertoire and I was privy to a little preview. Each one was truly delicious and in true 2KW form showcased the liquors and techniques used to create them.

K.I. Buzz – A refreshing mixture of Kangaroo Island Lingurian honey, lemon and gin. Think of those honey and lemon drinks that mum made for you when you were sick as a kid (if your mum was a boozer and plied you with gin). It leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, I imagine the more you have the fuzzier you get!


Two Lifts – In keeping with the tradition of naming cocktails after SA icons this cocktail is a tribute to the two lifts that are required to be taken to reach the bar located on level 8. It’s easy to navigate your way up but a little troubling at times to find the way back down.  This cocktail is set to make the downward navigation near impossible with its potent mix of Aperol, Chartreuse and vermouth.  The Chartreuse packs a punch and hits the palate first before mellowing behind the bitter Aperol. No doubt this is a strong drink but it dangerously gets more delicious with each sip.


Montenegro Sour – A classic evening cocktail, this has more of a longevity that the toblerone or espresso martini style of drinks that can be overly filling and rich. Without having a creamy or milky base the drink is light but sweet and silky. Chocolaty tones are complemented with a hint of orange, the drink finished with shavings of Haigh’s chocolate provide a decadent, chocolaty aroma.


Pickled Pineapple Whisky Smash – When it comes to summer fruits it’s hard to go past the pineapple. The Pina colada has long had the monopoly on pineapple cocktails but 2KW present a drink that is far from the sweet, coconut cream concoction. Pineapple that has been pickled in apple cider vinegar and pureed is combined with smoked Irish Whisky. Balanced with lemon and some pineapple juice this fruity cocktail has an unusual dry finish with subtle vinegar notes playing off the smoked whisky.


You will find these cocktails already on the 2KW cocktail menu. Now that summer has finally arrived it’s the perfect time to take those “Two Lifts” to the top of 2 King William Street and try them all yourself.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 2 King William St, Adelaide

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