The Baker’s Dozen

Cupcakes have come a long way since they were first made in 1796. These delicious cakes for one have become more colourful and intricate in design. One such business that does them particularly well is The Baker’s Dozen. Launching as a home business in May this year, Owner and Founder, Emily Jones, has a real passion for baking sweets. From full sized cakes for any occasion, to cute little cupcakes topped with an assortment of goodies, The Baker’s Dozen has you covered.


At the time of writing, we managed to sample two delicious cupcakes. The Nuts for Nutella cupcake is a chocolate lovers delight. Hidden under firm chocolate icing was a generous burst of Nutella goodness. The cupcake was soft and moist, and each bite was heavenly. The White Chocolate and Raspberry cupcake followed similar lines to the previous one; decadent white chocolate icing sitting on top of a sweet raspberry jam. Not only do these cupcakes look great, they taste great too!

Like all good businesses, it’s all about constantly evolving. With the new year approaching, The Baker’s Dozen have some exciting developments in store for customers. The new “freak-cake” cupcake range will be introduced as well as a monthly cupcake delivery subscription service. More details of the service can be found here.

Orders can be made at The Baker’s Dozen by visiting their website, emailing or contacting them by phone on (08) 83396268. The cupcakes and cakes will then be delivered straight to your door, anywhere in Adelaide!


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  1. Renny Goodwin says:

    We have never considered any other baker since finding The Bakers Dozen. Beautiful, tasty and original; all with a friendly and winning smile. Looking forward to seeing our next cake – and then eating it. Thank you Emily for spoiling us!

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