Spaghetti Junction – Adelaide meets Little Italy

Spaghetti Junction, an innovative Italian street food concept from Italian restaurateur Mark Vitesse and food aficionado Yuey Tan, comes to City Cross Arcade, bringing a mix of contemporary and traditional Italian cuisine.

Inspired by the bustling street vendors that lined the streets Italy during the 1950s, Spaghetti Junction serves up mouth-watering fresh pasta, pizza and other delicious Italian at City Cross Arcade. “We love the idea of serving fresh, gutsy Italian street food in a fun, traditional way”, Mark says.


Naturally, Fresh spaghetti is the star of the show. Think dishes dipped in classic sauces like Going Old School (a traditionally made tomato based sauce) and their own gutsy creations like the Creamy Chook, Bacon with Bite and Fish Out of Water. Pizza, zesty salads and arincini balls round out the menu, nicely. And for something different – coffee cones [yes, coffee served in choclate-dipped ice cream cones!]

Spaghetti Junction evokes a funky, retro Little Italy-inspired vibe, with a stunning centerpiece mural from Adelaide born – Melbourne based artist Tristan Kerr.

Words and Photos from Neon Moose

WHERE: City Cross Arcade, 32 Grenfell St, Adelaide


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