2nd & 6th – VIP Opening

As Adelaide’s ‘foodie central’, Peel Street is known for its convertible restaurants and cafés that serve lunch during the day and become funky bars by night. 2nd & 6th is the newest addition to the Peel Street family, but this time it brings a new day/night persona: brunch and dessert bar.


The French-Vietnamese style restaurant is the brainchild of owner Huy Nguyen and head chef Rocco Tedesco. And while this is Huy’s first restaurant, he confessed he has been in restaurants all his life, and was “practically born in the corner of a kitchen.” The entire restaurant is a juxtaposition of styles: the mahogany entrance, the oriental logo and the renaissance paintings against chic walls work together surprisingly well.


This stylish restaurant fits perfectly in the Peel Street scene and the addition of desserts makes it all the more exciting. Perhaps this is why it is named after the 2nd and 6th deadly sins: greed and gluttony. 2nd and 6th opens its doors on Monday; get ready to make this one of your staples on a night out.

Words by Olivia Henry

WHERE: 12 Peel St, Adelaide

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