2nd & 6th – Food Review

Known as the new brunch and dessert destination down trendy Peel Street, there’s been a common misconception as to what type of cuisine will be served. Co-owner, Huy Nguyen is of Vietnamese origin and there’s been an assumption that his background would have some influence. With the menu right in front of us, we can safely say that the food is European inspired with French and Italian influences. We’ve already covered the business in our recent article of the VIP Opening so we’ll get straight into the food.

We start off with the Bircher Muesli which is mixed with a bio-organic yoghurt. The rolled oats are softened by the apple juice, and it works well with the smooth, creamy texture of the yoghurt. The raspberries and blueberries add a lovely natural sweetness, as does the poached pear, which has a mild tea flavour.


Eggs Benedict is usually served the same way at most eateries we visit, but it’s good to see some originality in the dish. One side of the dish has the classic eggs benedict with black forrest ham and hollandaise. The egg is perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce is smooth and creamy. On the other side, you have three quail eggs with mushrooms and porcetta. The mushrooms are very well seasoned and the saltiness of the porcetta adds plenty of depth to the dish.


The Cheese Souffle is made from three ingredients; cream, beaten egg whites, and in this case, cheese. The souffle is twice cooked forming a nice firm exterior. The inside is light and fluffy, with a nice gooey texture from the cheese. The hazelnut sauce that surrounds the dish makes it more earthy, and it’s just perfect for something to have in the evening.


For desserts, we start with the Gianduja Wrath Bombe. Covered by a soft and delicate meringue, is a rich and decadent chocolate semifreddo that hides underneath. The bits of hazelnut add a nice crunchy texture to this sweet dish.


The La Connolata is a take on the traditional Sicilian cannoli. Instead of the traditional tube, they’ve used circular shells and put them into layers. The shells are nice and crunchy, while the custard filling was smooth and creamy. Everything you’d expect really.


The Cafe Chocolate Liegeois is a dessert made from chocolat de noir sauce, spiced rum, single origin coffee granita, house made dark chocolat ice cream and nougatine. The dessert is very rich and chocolatey with varying textures with each bite. The granita gives you a nice coffee hit, just like an Espresso Martini would.


Since the opening of 2nd & 6th, there’s been a period of fine tuning with their menu. We’re happy to say that we’re satisfied with everything we’ve tried and it’s sure to please everyone that comes in. Adding to the buzz that is Peel Street, 2nd & 6th will fit in quite nicely. We look forward to trying some of their other dishes on offer.

WHERE: 12 Peel St, Adelaide


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