Moonshine Lab

The Moonshine Laboratory is a minimalistic space in the CBD. It seems like a simple, modern office space: a few computers, some plants, tall windows and a ping-pong table… But this area is where ideas come to life.


The Moonshine Lab is a tech start-up incubator spin-off of The Distillery, a local digital agency. The Distillery has been running for a while: pitching ideas to clients and the usual, but over time they found they needed a space especially for start-ups. With the help of WOTSO WorkSpace and Renew Adelaide, The Moonshine Lab was born. Now they want to help others realise their dreams, too!

The vision of Moonshine Lab seems simple. You’ve been in your industry 10 or 20 years and you’re full of innovative ideas. What’s stopping you? Maybe you have the funds but don’t know how to make an app. Maybe you can make the app, but can’t make it beautiful. Or, maybe it’s beautiful but you can’t get it out there. The people at Moonshine Lab want to make these ideas happen. They also want to be co-founders, so they can be there through the entire rollercoaster that comes with being a start-up!

Don’t worry, food lovers! We haven’t forgotten about you! The latest tech start-up for The Moonshine Lab is Gusto. The creator, Nicole Henderson, describes Gusto as a Shazam for recipes. As well as creating and sharing recipes, users can take photos of recipes and have ingredients automatically compiled into a shopping list. They’re even organising it so that the ingredients can be ordered from Woolworths and delivered right to your door. Nicole’s passion is evident when she talks about the app possibilities – as she says, it’s “Food Porn with a Purpose.”

Keep an eye out for the app over the next few months, and keep an eye on all the exciting start-ups to come out of the Moonshine Lab!

Thanks to Renew Adelaide, Alpha Box & Dice Wines and WOTSO WorkSpace for hosting this lovely event.

Words by Olivia Henry

WHERE: 217 Flinders St, Adelaide


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