World Cheese Awards 2016 – Aussie Cheese Takes Centre Stage

The judging of the World Cheese Awards has come to an end in the European Capital of Culture, SAN SEBASTIAN with 3021 cheeses from over 30 countries judged by 266 international judges from across the globe.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded. The judging teams were required to award one Super Gold Medal to the group of cheeses they judged resulting in a final 66 Super Gold that would go to the next level of judging.

From the 66 Super Gold Cheeses awarded an esteemed panel of 16 judges selected as the Super Jury chose one cheese only to champion as the best cheese they had tasted at the competition, reducing it to a total of 16 cheeses competing for the illustrious title of “World Champion”.

Amongst the top 16 cheeses was Woodside Cheese Wrights, Kris Lloyd’s “Anthill” a fresh goat cheese encrusted with Native Australian GREEN ANTS.


Judge Adrian Boswell from London championed the unusual cheese from Australia he said, “it is like nothing I have ever tasted, light and citrus with perfect seasoning and a Slight crunch from the delicate little green ants, its creative and innovative, such a great cheese.”

Kris Lloyd one of the 16 international judges appointed to the Super Jury was asked to step down from the panel given her cheese was one of the 16 in the running for the grand champion.

Kris said, “it was a bitter sweet moment, all cheeses are judged blind and judges entering their cheeses must not judge their own.

“Anthill was a true representation of Australian cheese to see it charge through over 3000 cheeses finishing in the top 16 that caught the judges palate, well, who would have thought!” said Kris.


The tally of medals for the South Australian cheesemaker Kris Lloyd with her Woodside Cheese Wrights and Kris Lloyd Artisan brands is as follows:
– 1 super gold – Woodside Cheese Wrights Anthill
– 4 gold – Woodside Cheese Wrights Anthill, Kris Lloyd Artisan Banquet, Woodside Cheese Wrights Pompeii, Kris Lloyd Artisan Blend Persian Feta
– 2 silver – Woodside Cheese Wrights Monet, Woodside Cheese Wrights Figaro
– Trophy – Best Australian cheese – Woodside Cheese Wrights Anthill

All but one of the cheeses Kris Lloyd entered in the competition was acknowledge with a medal.

Words and Photos by Belinda Petersen PR


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