Spaghetti Junction

When your lunch break is short and you’re grabbing a bite with co-workers, a food court is the ideal destination due to the choice, the speed at which you get the food, and the lower price point. At each food court, there is the safe option of Italian food, and at City Cross, that option is the new Spaghetti Junction. The menu is short and sweet with 6 pasta dishes, 3 salads, 4 pizzas and 4 snacks. Everything is made as you order so you can be guaranteed you’re getting a decent quality meal.

For lunch, I had the Junction Burger. The beef patty was the same size as the bun, and the well seasoned meat was juicy and succulent. A slice of cheese was nicely melted over the patty, and its gooeyness was delightful. The lettuce was fresh and crisp, while the red onion added a nice sharpness. The star of the show was SJ’s special sauce, which was very similar to the McDonald’s Big Mac sauce. In fact, the burger was like a better version of the Big Mac. Lucky for them I love Big Macs.


Next was SJ’s Special Pizza which comes with salami, bacon, onion, cherry tomatoes, proscuitto, cheese and basil. The pizza base is pita bread which will certainly please the health conscious. The pizza itself is loaded with toppings, and there is a good balance between the saltiness of the cured meats and the sweetness of the veggies.


For fast, healthy and delicious Italian cusine, you can’t look past Spaghetti Junction. The place has it’s own seating, but if worse comes to worse, you can sit in the food court. The average price of pasta is $15, salads $13 and pizzas $14; all very reasonable for lunch. Spaghetti Junction is located on the Grenfell Street side of City Cross. Make sure you look out for it when you’re next in town.

WHERE: City Cross, 32 Grenfell St, Adelaide

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