Karma and Crow

Many vacant and derelict buildings within the city have been successfully converted into small bars and eateries in recent times. Even with the progress in utilising disused buildings, there’s still a need for more creative space. The two owners of Karma and Crow, Janie Kammer and Alanna Crowe, saw an opportunity when they walked through an old industrial warehouse in Richmond. The renovated warehouse accommodates 9 studio spaces with the cafe area at the rear of the property. Open for breakfast and lunch, the modern Australian menu has been designed by Katrina Richard with the support of Chef and Creative Consultant, Billy Petropoulos.

First up were the Zucchini Fritters with pickled asparagus, avocado, onion jam and lime finished with herb oil. The fritters were crispy on the outside, and soft and delicate in the centre. On their own, they’re a bit salty, but become well balanced when mixed with the sweetness of the onion jam and the citrus notes of the lime.


The Sticky Roast Pumpkin with chilli kale, whipped feta, baba ganoush and caramelised chickpeas on toast has a middle eastern feel to it. The roast pumpkin was soft and delicate, and the natural sweetness was balanced by the heat from the crispy kale. The feta and baba ganoush were smooth and creamy, while the chickpeas added a nice crunchy texture.


The Chicken and Roast Beetroot Salad consisted of apple, walnuts, creamy horseradish and rocket. Underneath the mound of salad were succulent morsels of chicken breast. The apple slices and rocket were fresh and crisp, and the walnuts added a crunchy element to the dish. The sweetness of the apple was balanced by the subtly sharp flavours of the horseradish.


Breakfast or dessert? The lines are blurred when it comes to the Orange and Cardamom Panna Cotta. The execution of the panna cotta is perfect; there is plenty of wobble and it is smooth and creamy with a thick consistency. The hints of orange flavour in the panna cotta are complemented by the poached pear. The caramelised buckwheat, pistachio and seed granola make up the breakfast component, and add a nice crunchy texture to the dish.


The Ricotta Hotcakes were beautifully presented and almost too good to eat. The layers of hotcake were soft and spongy and you could visibly see the smooth and creamy ricotta. The sweet components were plentiful with the strawberry, white chocolate, berry labneh, honeycomb butter and maple syrup, Surprisingly, the dish wasn’t overly sweet and quite enjoyable.


The creative hub and cafe that is Karma and Crow fulfills a gap in the market. The occupants of the collective artist studios will be blessed by the beautiful and amazing food from the cafe. We’d like to congratulate Janie and Alanna for turning an idea into reality, and Katrina for coming up with the great dishes. A real gem in the western suburbs and worth a visit if you’re in the area.

WHERE: 251 Richmond Rd, Richmond



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