Adelaide Soup Kitchen / The Cooks’ Base Store

Renew Adelaide is a not-for-profit organisation that helps start-up firms negotiate free or cheap rent in vacant buildings or sites. Active since 2010, they have been able to connect emerging creative based initiatives with property owners, with the opportunity to trial a business concept whilst revitalising urban areas at the same time. Two of their latest projects are The Cooks’ Base Store and the Adelaide Soup Kitchen, both located in Central Market Arcade in the city.

Starting up any business can be risky, especially if it’s food related. Owners need to adhere to local council food safety restrictions as well as the cost of equipment and other overheads. With many businesses failing within the first 12 months, there’s a lot of money shelled out without really knowing if the business will succeed. Through their own personal experiences, Graeme and Paula, the owners of The Cooks’ Base Store, developed a shared commercial kitchen which allows small businesses to bring their food ideas to life. The Cooks’ Base Store is a food business incubator which has been running for over three years. Not just a shared commercial kitchen, they are a full service food business incubator, providing not only access to commercial food equipment, but also food production and business advice. They also help with the launch and growth of new, and early-stage food brands. The Cooks’ Base Store provides a platform to introduce consumers to the new food brands, so that when they see them in the supermarket they are already aware of them. On display were Some, Turley Mae, and Durif sauces and Bacon Jam; all products of the shared commercial kitchen arrangement. For those that want some instant culinary gratification, the store also has a small lunch menu, cakes and treats, as well as a range of hot beverages.


Across the walkway in the Central Market Arcade is the Adelaide Soup Kitchen. The cafe is owned and run by Alex and Rik, the couple behind 303 By The Sea, and will provide several different soups everyday. With fresh fruit and vegetables readily available near by, you can be assured that the ingredients used are of a decent quality. The breakfast offerings include various toast options and classic items in a bowl, while lunch moves into sandwiches, soups and salads. The coffee brewed here is organic, as are their soft drinks!


At the Central Market Arcade, we have two new businesses that are giving back to the community; one is donating to charities and other organisations through sale proceeds while the other is helping new businesses grow through the utilisation of a shared commercial kitchen. Next time you’re in the Central Market Arcade, make sure you check both of these businesses out.


The Cooks’ Base – Shop 30, Central Market Arcade, Adelaide

Adelaide Soup Kitchen – Shop 44, Central Market Arcade, Adelaide


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