Farina 00 Pasta & Wine Bar – Artisan Degustation

Adelaide Food Central are big fans of Farina 00 Pasta and Wine Bar, especially of their freshly made pasta and their strong focus on customer service. When we were invited to their Artisan Degustation which consists of a generous 7 courses matched with Farnese Wines, we were more than excited. We’ve already reviewed them twice since their opening, so we’ll get straight into the food.

We start off with the Arancini with mozzarella which were generously sized. Piping hot from the deep fryer, the arancini had a firm, crispy coating and were fried to a light golden brown. Inside were soft and flavoursome grains of rice held together by gooey mozzarella cheese. The dish is matched with the Fantini Cuvee Cococciola; a drink that is light, refreshing, bubbly with lovely fruit tones.


The Bresaola Salad was served with 8+ marble score wagyu beef, fennel, arugula, truffle oil and orange. The thin slices of wagyu beef have a smooth and silky texture, and are well complemented by the fresh and crispy arugula. The citrus notes from the orange are balanced by the nuttiness of the truffle oil. A very and light and refreshing salad. The dish was paired with Casale Vecchio Pecorino 2015; another light, aromatic and refreshing wine.


The Fior di Zucchini, simply translated, means Zucchini Flowers. These flowers were battered and fried to a light golden brown. Inside was a soft, delicate ricotta with a distinct tartness from the lemon zest. It was delicious and I couldn’t get enough of it. This was matched with the Pipoli Greco-Fiano 2014; a refreshing white wine with stone fruit characteristics.


The Pappardelle is one of the signature dishes at Farina 00 and was cooked with slow braised rabbit, hazelnuts and marjoram. The rabbit is slow cooked whole and the meat is prized off the bone. The rabbit was so soft and delicate it had the same texture as tuna. The inclusion of marjoram gave the dish a sweet pine and citrus flavour, while the hazelnuts added a much needed crunchy texture. We’ve had this dish before, but on this occasion, we thought it could have done with a bit more salt. This was matched with the Casale Vecchio Montepulciano 2014; a very light red that is easy on the palate.


Next was the Rigatoni with pork, fennel and a home made tomato sauce. The pasta was firm and perfectly cooked, and the pork sausage simply melted in your mouth. The tomato sauce added a lovely red colour to the dish and just the right amount of fennel was used. Again, the dish could have done with a bit more salt. The dish was matched with the Chianti Nero D’Avola; another light refreshing red with lovely cherry flavours.


The Porchetta is another Farina 00 classic with slow cooked pork belly, roasted vegetables and pork jus. The rolled up pork belly was a bit salty and a little on the dry side. The skin was either hard or chewy depending on which part of the pork belly you got. The medley of roasted vegetables were soft and delicate, all brought together by the delicious pork jus. This was matched with the OPI Organic Riserva Montepulciano 2011 which has aromas of licorice and plum.


The last dish on the degustation was the Formaggio or cheese, and this consisted of provolone and gorgonzola. This particular provolone was semi-hard and had a great sharp taste to it. The gorgonzola is the Italian version of blue cheese. It was softer and creamier with an amazing strong flavour. This was matched with the Cantina Cellaro Due Lune 2010; a wine that is harvested over two moons with a subtle sweetness.

Catering for a room full of people is a mammoth task, especially when you’re trying to get all the meals out at the same time. We did think there was long waits in between meals, and we have had better experiences with some of the dishes. Having said that, there was plenty of wine and great company, all for $85, which was good value for money.

WHERE: 128 King William Rd, Hyde Park


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