Rob Roy Hotel – Wine Society Dinner with Beach Road Wines

As part of the Roy’s Wine Society Dinner, the stars of the night were from Beach Road wines of McLaren Vale. Run by Tony and Briony Hoare, their love for wine and Italian varieties were combined together to bring the delicacies that were a part of this night. We were treated to the sampling of a range of white and red wines, which Beach Road Wines specialise in, using premium grapes sourced from within South Australia. The result – uniquely tasting wine that screams quality.


The team at Adelaide Food Central was invited to this event, where we were offered a 4-course meal with wines complementing each dish. Each dish had simplistic flavours and weren’t too complex, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also loved how there weren’t many ingredients in each dish, and yet they tasted divine and had a classy finish to them.


First up, we were provided with a taste of the Pizza Bianco. The pizza dough was thin, soft, and was topped with garlic and rosemary. The cheese on the pizza was creamy but had a subtle crispiness to it. This was a great dish to start off the night, complemented with a glass of 2015 Pinot Grigio, which was smooth and subtly sweet.


Next, we tried the Charred Squid and Prawn Ravioli. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed this dish. The squid on top was cooked with an aromatic charred presentation and tasted well done. The prawn ravioli, coupled with the soup served underneath it was brilliant and reminded me of wonton dumplings – with a combination of East-meets-West flavours. Served alongside was a drink of 2014 Fiano, which had the classic wine tang but also had a crisp taste that made it an enjoyable drink.


Shortly after, we were served the Roast “Thornby” Lamb with roasted vegetables and gravy. The lamb was cooked to perfection and had a lovely pink texture. The meat was flavourful, juicy and mixed well with the roasted vegetables and gravy served on the side.


You can’t really go to a wine event and not expect cheese, which is why we were very happy with the final dish of the night – the Nero Truffles and Pecorino. The pecorino was excellent, with a well-aged texture, and went nicely with the bread and the truffles that were served in the dish.

Overall, we were thoroughly pleased and honoured to have provided our support to a local, South-Australian wine-making business. The service was exceptional, the food was delicious, and the wine certainly won our hearts with its purity.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 106 Halifax St, Adelaide

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