Sean’s Kitchen – Oyster Festival

Oysters are one of those things that you either love or hate. For me, it’s even more complicated. I like them raw more than I like them cooked. There’s something about the silky smooth texture of raw oysters and the flavour of the ocean that it brings.

For those that love oysters, or are just learning to appreciate them, Sean’s Kitchen is holding a month long Oyster Festival with an oyster inspired menu. The menu showcases the best oysters that you will find in South Australia and brings them all to one place. These high quality local bivalves are then incorporated into different dishes for all to enjoy.

We start off with the Oyster Flight which features oysters from Denial Bay, St Peter’s Island, Smoky Bay, Coffin Bay, Cowell and Kangaroo Island. Each of the oysters had a texture that was silky and smooth, and you could really taste the fresh flavours of the ocean. Of note was the Coffin Bay oyster which is farmed in nutrient rich waters and was saltier than the rest. The Smoky Bay oyster on the other hand had a more robust and hearty flavour. More importantly, the oysters were fresh and it was a great way to start off proceedings.


The Chowder & Fries is an unlikely combination but effective nonetheless. The leek and oyster soup is rich and creamy, and there is just that subtle oyster flavour thrown into the mix. Poured over Sean’s famous duck fat chips and it becomes your modern day version of chips and gravy. This dish is incredibly addictive and delicious.


The Pork Schnitzel & Oyster Mayo Sandwich is an ideal dish for those who don’t really like oysters or are learning to appreciate it. The pork is tender and succulent, and its crumbed coating is fried to a light golden brown. The house pickles are sour and is balanced by the sweet and tangy mayonnaise. There is a subtle hint of oyster in the mayonnaise but it’s not too overpowering.  The brioche bun is nice and firm, and holds all the ingredients in well.


The Cheeky Beef & Oyster Pot Pie was my least favourite out of all the dishes, not because of the execution, but due to the presence of cooked oysters. The pie was fresh out of the oven and the pastry was golden and flaky. Inside was a light gravy full of beef cheeks and oysters. The beef was tender and succulent, and the meat simply fell apart. As mentioned earlier, I’m not a fan of cooked oysters but it’s really a personal preference.


The standout dish for me was The Carpet Bag Steak. The beef tenderloin was stuffed with oysters, but I personally couldn’t tell. It was lean and tender, and its centre had a nice pinkish hue. Wrapped with crispy proscuitto, it was an upmarket version of a fillet mignon. The cafe de Paris sauce was thick, rich and buttery, and prevented the steak from being too dry.


The Oyster Festival is running at Sean’s Kitchen throughout the month of August. In addition to the oyster inspired menu, there is the $1 Oyster Hour which occurs from 12-1pm and 5-6pm everyday in August. If that’s not enough, there are also a selection of cocktails and shooters that incorporate the slippery mollusc. The whole festival is wrapped up at the end of the month with Sean’s Oyster Dinner, which features a delicious 4 course oyster inspired meal.

If you love oysters, you need to get down to Sean’s Kitchen straight away!

WHERE: Adelaide Casino, Station Rd, Adelaide

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