Reflections by Ian Clover

Adelaide is more than just the city of churches. There is art scattered through the many, many little corners of our beautiful, little city. So, it is only correct to commend the talented artists behind these creations.

The South Australia Living Arts Festival (SALA) kicked off earlier this month and runs till the end of August, where the focus is on new and emerging artists whose work is displayed around Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs. The idea behind this festival is for people to recognize art in its diverse forms and appreciate the artists who come up with these incredible and beautiful pieces that have often taken years of putting together.

One such artist in focus that the team at Adelaide Food Central was honoured to meet is Ian Clover.


Ian is an emerging artist who made a career shift five years ago by studying Visual Arts at the South Australian School of Art at the University of South Australia.

As Ian explained in his speech, he gained inspiration for creating his art by using three basic tools:
1. Walking down North terrace and photographing the streetscape
2. Applying the principles from I Ching (a Chinese book of changes)
3. Penrose Tiling of the Plane – a geometric design-based model

We were also able to learn about the different layers that are present in one of Ian’s pieces of art that was displayed on the walls of Jorrell. He was able to eloquently break down the three tools explained earlier, and all of a sudden; the art piece was beautifully transparent to us, in terms of what makes it unique and mesmerizing.


I’ve never considered myself to be much into art, but, it always makes me feel more connected to an art piece when I look at an art piece and can easily get lost in it – be it due to the colours, or the designs, or the artist’s impression and ideas that one gets to hear on a face-to-face basis. Ian has done such a fantastic job of producing pieces that overflow with abstract and have lots of room for perception to make something evolve into a totally different and complex structure with a few colours and tones mixed around over a similar base. It was also interesting to see 2 pieces that were created in 2014, 2 pieces from 2015, and the rest that were made this year. You can see a subtle distinction among the pieces, which goes to show how much Ian has progressed with his skills of introducing different levels of abstraction and imagination through his artwork.

Ian’s art is displayed at Jorrell’s Face Hair Body in City Cross, where you can enjoy the pop of colour brought by his art into the salon. His artwork is available for sale and he is also open to coming down to the Salon if you’d like to have a chat with him about his artwork. Special thanks to Jorrell’s Face Hair Body for hosting us with the delicious sweet and savoury treats, and to Eventalaide for the invitation to this brilliant event!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: Jorrell’s Face Hair Body, 44 City Cross Arcade, Adelaide

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