Westfield Marion Shopping Centre – New Food Mall

For all those who live in the southern suburbs – fret no more about having to spend 40 minutes and/or $20 to get into the CBD and pay for excessive parking, because the Central Markets have set base at Westfield Marion!

There has been a lot of hype and hoo-hah about the opening of the newest addition to the Westfield Marion family, with the opening of the Aldi supermarket and 14 brand new and returning eatery joints. And rightly so – there is a diverse selection of options where shoppers can find a little something to please everyone’s palate.


The team at Adelaide Food Central was invited to an event run by Girl About Town, where we had the opportunity to sample some of the delicious bites and drinks from the restaurants set up in the newest part of Westfield Marion.


There’s a classy and sophisticated vibe that one gets upon walking through the newest sector of Westfield Marion. You can find everything from a butcher (Springfield Butchers) to a cheesemonger (The Cheesemonger) to a yoghurt shop (The Yoghurt Shop) to a fruit store (The Carousel Fruit Barn) to a premium seafood stop (Manuel’s Seafood) to a poultry-based shop (Creative Poultry). It’s a great use of space, where you can get your shopping and dining sorted in one place.

Two new notable additions to this family include one of Adelaide’s top patisseries (La Madelaine) and a popular Spanish tapas restaurant (Panacea). While offering a smaller, more concise menu than their parent restaurants in Norwood and Adelaide CBD respectively, the two new eateries are aiming to provide a relaxed and casual form of dining among the other cute cafes and restaurants that are scattered along this market-esque strip.


Other new places that have opened up offer an affordable and quick fix for the hungry bellies. Among them, there’s the following:
– Hokopo – serving healthy options in wraps and bowls
– Warong – Malaysian and Indonesian street-style food
– Vietnam Quan – spring rolls, cold rolls, banh mi, and hot bowls of beef noodles

As you can see, there are loads of options available at this mini-food court and there are a number of intercontinental cuisines that can satisfy your grumbling tummy! So, head on over to Westfield and discover the magic that has been unleashed in the ‘burbs! And to celebrate the launch of the new Fresh Food mall, there will be opportunities to participate in master classes on making gnocchi with Bree May, cocoa jars for the kids, and pickling sessions with Jessie Spiby, in addition to a number of other fun and child-friendly activities – so there’s something for everyone!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park



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