Vietnam Quan

There used to be a time when I would have a Vietnamese roll or Banh Mi Thit every second day. Over time, my tastes have changed and the urge to have them regularly isn’t there any more. Tonight, I was at the launch of the new food mall at Westfield Marion and I had the opportunity to eat at Vietnam Quan, a new Vietnamese eatery.

Serving a wide variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes, I opted for the Roast Pork Vietnamese Roll. Alarm bells rang as I saw them put lettuce into the bread. One of the reasons why they do this is because customers request it, but an authentic bread roll will not have lettuce in it. All the other fillings were standard, and within 5 minutes, my Roast Pork Roll was made.

Timing is everything when it comes to a Roast Pork Roll, particularly the bread. I ordered the roll at 8pm and it was no surprise the bread had lost of all of it’s freshness. The roast pork was well seasoned and generously applied. Large chunks were practically falling out of my roll. The meat was a little fatty, but they have no control over the quality of the pork belly. The coriander was fresh, the pickled carrot was sweet and tangy, while the cucumber added a nice crunchy texture. I asked for chilli but it seems they forgot to put some in.


The staff were really friendly and helpful, particularly the lady at the cash register. Some of the highlights for a meal that was average at best.

WHERE: Westfield Marion Shopping Centre, 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park



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