Ginza Japanese Restaurant – New Menu Launch

I have always wanted to visit Ginza Japanese Restaurant, which is situated in a busy strip on Unley Road. With its minimalistic décor, ample natural lighting, and friendly staff service, it’s little surprise that Ginza has gained a reputation of being one of the relaxed yet sophisticated Japanese restaurants that is ideal for wining and dining. Also known for their level of authenticity, Ginza is a great place to kick start those taste buds and truly enjoy and appreciate Japanese cuisine at its finest.

The team at Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample some of the newest items that have been added to the menu.


To start off, we were served the Main Size Sashimi. I loved having this spread, because the salmon was raw, all natural, and tasted so divine! The prawns and squid were excellent options to serve on the side, along with some fresh vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers. This is a great dish if you’re looking for the ultimate healthy option with all the right amount of protein and omega 3 fats!

Next, we had the Aburi Mackerel, with torched vinegared mackerel with yuzu miso sauce. There is a burst of citrusy flavours with the first bite of this delicious and juicy mackerel. While strong in its fishy taste, the sauce complements the flavours well and the greens garnished on top act as an excellent side-on dish.


Then, we sampled the Beef Tataki with beef sashimi, kochi yuzu miso sauce. The beef had a beautiful charred appearance and the texture was just right. The sauce mixed well and gave a tangy yet delicious taste to the dish overall.

You can never really go wrong with fried chicken. When we had the Spicy Chicken Karaage, it was like heaven in a bite. The chicken had a crunchy exterior and delicious, juicy meat that practically melted in my mouth.

We had the Soba Salad which was served with buckwheat noodles and vegetables. The salad, in some ways, was like a fusion dish with east meeting west. The firm, perfectly cooked noodles were mixed with the elements of a western green salad. The crispy onions added a nice crunchy texture and complimented the fresh vegetables. The strong flavour of sesame was present from the dressing and it tied everything together well.


For the mains, we had the Roasted Duck Breast with kochi yuzu sauce and the SA tenderloin steak. The roasted duck breast had lovely crispy skin and the meat had a pinkish centre. The duck tasted scrumptious with the sauce and the crunchiness from the fresh vegetables was a great add-on to the dish.


The other main was the Wagyu Sirloin Steak which was served with a wasabi and beef jus. Using one of the best cuts of beef, the meat tasted like butter and simply melted in your mouth. The jus was light and creamy, and full of flavour. The crispy onions added a nice crunchy texture, and all the elements worked well in harmony.

For dessert, there were two options that we tasted – the Matcha ice cream and the Siratama & Yuzu Parfait.


The Matcha ice cream was served with a scoop of green tea ice cream and is the answer to those warm, summery days when things could use a nice, chilled bowl of sweet goodness. The taste of the ice cream was subtly sweet and can be enjoyed solo or with friends.


The Siratama & Yuzu Parfait had a strong citrusy tang that made this dessert dish a real standout. Served in a fancy glass, you can choose to scoop the yummy bits out with a spoon, or go savage and attempt drinking out the sweetness from the Parfait.

Overall, Ginza Japanese restaurant impressed me, in terms of their friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere, and some seriously beautiful looking and tasting dishes to make the seafood lover in me rejoice! They also offer delivery service, so if you can’t wait till summer comes around, then make sure you have some of their goodies delivered right to your door, for those cold wintery nights where they can have dinner sorted for you!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 48 Unley Rd, Unley

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