Warong – Westfield Marion

Warong has come a long way since the opening of its first store in Rundle Place over 3 years ago. Over that time, the offerings have increased and the recipes have been refined, to give customers that authentic Malaysian and Indonesian street food experience. Capping off their success in the city, Warong have expanded by opening a store in the new food mall at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre.


We start off with the Finger Food Platter which consists of Curry Puffs, Spring Rolls and Dim Sims. Within the firm pastry of the Curry Puffs are delicate, lightly curried vegetables that has subtle hints of ginger. The Spring Rolls are crunchy and flaky, and the vegetable centre is well seasoned. The fried Dim Sims use a wonton skin and are crunchier than all the other items.


The Hainan Chicken Rice is a classic dish and a favourite among the health conscious. A single piece of chicken breast is served with rice and other condiments. While chicken breast can usually be dry, this one was juicy and succulent, and the chicken to rice ratio was just right.


The Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken was next on the list. The chicken was soft and delicate, and the delicious curry flavours were well infused into the meat. The curry sauce wasn’t too spicy and the flavour was just right. A perfect accompaniment to all the other elements on the dish.


Next was the Grilled Beef Ribs in a peanut sauce. The beef ribs were tender and succulent, and the meat was simply falling off the bone. The peanut sauce was deliciously addictive, and a generous amount was smothered over the ribs.


The Ayam Penyet is fried chicken that is smothered in a spicy sambal sauce. The chicken is crispy on the outside, while tender and succulent in the centre. The sambal sauce is a mixture of chilli, anchovies, tomatoes, shallots, garlic, shrimp paste, tamarind and lime juice. The sauce was delicious and not too spicy.


The peanut sauce we had 2 dishes prior was amazing and it seems it compliments any protein. We liked it so much, we suggested to that Manager that it be bottled and sold. The final dish was the Grilled Chicken with peanut sauce. The chicken was crispy on the outside and tender in the centre. The highlight once again was the peanut sauce. It just goes well with anything.


For an eatery that serves up Malaysian and Indonesian food in a shopping centre, it certainly is impressive. It’s one up from a food court as it has its own seating area, and the quality of the food is so on point, you’d think you were at a cafe or restaurant. Combine that with friendly customer service and vibrant atmosphere, and you start to think you are at a street food stall. If you’re ever at Westfield Marion or Rundle Place in the city, make sure you check out Warong.

Warong Westfield Marion is located in the new food mall which is a bit further down from Woolworths on the ground level.

WHERE: Westfield Marion Shopping Centre, 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park


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