Madame Hanoi – Bastille Day

In celebration of France’s National Day, Madame Hanoi has created a themed night celebrating all things French. Adelaide Food Central, along with other invited guests, were treated to four courses of delicious French dishes with a Vietnamese twist. Combined with beautiful French wines and French inspired cocktails, the night was going to be an experience that we wouldn’t forget. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

First up was the Queen Scallops with smoked garlic rosemary butter, saffron and kaffir lime. The scallops came to our tables piping hot and were juicy and succulent. We could detect the presence of garlic and the smokiness that came with it. The tartness from the lime was subtle and was good in balancing out the flavours.


Next was the French Onion Pho Soup. This dish was a classic east meets west fusion dish that worked surprisingly well. The raw beef slices and the hearty beef broth were components of the Pho, while the strands of onion inside the soup made it like a French Onion soup. It was probably more like a French Onion soup than it was like a Pho. That was a good thing because the gruyere on top of the sour dough complemented the soup well.


The main event was the Cassoulet which has been slow cooked for 48 hours. It contains garlic pork sausage, confit duck, smoked pancetta, beans and a parmesan crust. The parmesan on top of the Cassoulet was firm and crunchy, and the filling revealed a combination of slow cooked goodness. The beans were firm and the chunks of sausage were well flavoured. The flavour of ginger was prominent, and perhaps overpowered the dish a bit too much.


The Cheese Platter consisted of two cheeses; French cantal and roquefort blue. There were also fresh strawberries, dried sultanas and crackers to liven up the plate. We love blue cheese so the roquefort blue was always going to be a favourite. It was soft and creamy with a nice sharp tang from the blue veins. The French cantal, on the other hand, was more firm. It was fresh, sweet and milky in flavour with a light hint of hazelnut and vanilla.


For dessert we had the Creme Brulee which was topped with a macaron. The caramelisation on the creme brulee was perfect as it was easily broken with a tap of the spoon. The custard filling was smooth and creamy without being too sweet. Notes of vanilla were present which is what we expected. The macaron was also well made with its firm exterior and soft, chewy centre.


Bastille Day at Madame Hanoi was a huge success. There were Can-Can dancers, an accordian player, a Palm Reader, a mime artist and even Marie Antionette made an appearance. Of course, the entertainment and atmosphere were only part of it. The food was delicious and it was nice having something different for a change. Put July 14th in your diaries folks, if it’s on again next year, it’s something you need to go to.

WHERE: Adelaide Casino

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