The Propoganda Club

Adelaide has just a whole lot classier with the opening of The Propoganda Club, a brand new sophisticated basement venue and Adelaide’s only late night supper club. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be impressed with the style, elegance and attention to detail. The decor oozes old world charm with bespoke furniture, architectural windows, distressed antique mirrors and reclaimed parquetry flooring.


Of course, we weren’t just at The Propoganda Club to have an amazing high class experience, we were also there to check out some of the supper club menu. At the helm in the kitchen is Executive Chef James Lawrie who has worked at fine dining restaurants such as Hill of Grace and Windy Point. James has come up with the supper club menu that consists of small plates and larger offerings that take advantage of fresh, local seasonal ingredients.


The first dish we had was a work of art and came in the form of a Snapper Carpaccio with caper berry, shallot and dill. Served on a rectangular plate, the dish was full of thick slices of raw snapper that had a silky smooth texture. The other elements were colourful and balanced each other out with their contrasting flavours; the sourness of the caper berries, the sharpness of the shallots and the subtly bitter undertones of the dill.


The Roast Pork Belly was served with charred onion, cucumber and cauliflower. Unlike other dining establishments, the amount of pork was generous and a good quality cut was used. The pork belly was well seasoned and the meat was nice and tender. A piece of crackling pork skin was put to one side and that would have been delicious by itself. The onion had natural sweetness with subtle charred flavours. This was well balanced by the sourness of the pickled cucumber.


For dessert, we had the Vanilla Catalana with orange and cinnamon. The caramelisation on the Spanish version of the creme brulee was perfect and it was easily broken with a gentle tap of a utensil. Underneath was a smooth, creamy custard that had a lovely thick consistency and a slight acidity from the orange rind. This was further complemented by the fresh orange slices and the freeze dried mandarin.


Last but not least was the Opera Slice with almond, coffee and mousse. The opera slice was surrounded by a rich, decadent dark chocolate ganache. Inside were layers of soft, moist sponge cake and a smooth, creamy coffee butter cream. The other elements on the dish further accentuated the chocolatey goodness.

Our experience at The Propoganda Club was faultless. The dishes we had were creative and delicious, and full of tantalising flavours and unique textures. The staff had an intimate knowledge of all the food and drinks on offer, and they were always around when you needed them without being overbearing. Of course, there are the luxurious surrounds which will impress you on its own. The venue is ideal for business lunches, corporate dinners, group gatherings and the stylish professional who wants something more refined. While everything is upmarket, it’s not out of reach for the average person to come here and enjoy themselves.

The Propoganda Club is open from 4pm-6am from Tuesday to Thursday, 11:30m-6am on Fridays and 6pm-6am on Saturdays. Reservations can be made in advance for the late night supper club to ensure your experience is memorable.

WHERE: 110 Grenfell St, Adelaide


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