Club Tropicana – Winter Retreat

Club Tropicana is located in the upstairs balcony area of The Havelock Hotel. In the Summer, it is an ideal location for a drink with its panoramic views of Hutt Street and spacious outdoor entertaining area. With the cold Winter months ahead, people still need a place to congregate, and with that in mind, Club Tropicana has launched the Winter Retreat. Teaming up with the Portuguese inspired, healthy, fast food specialists, Oporto, Adelaide Food Central, and other invited guests were invited to a night of delicious food and cocktails. With outdoor shades, portable heaters and warm fireplaces, guests were protected from the elements.


Cocktails of note were the Coconut and Coffee Margarita, and the Strawberry Marshmallow. The Coconut and Coffee Margarita was refreshing, sweet and delicious, as was the candied Strawberry Marshmallow. Oporto provided the Chicken Rappsnacker; chicken with lovely smokey flavours, fresh crispy lettuce and creamy mayo wrapped in a soft tortilla. Jalapeno Bites were also on offer to warm up in the Winter weather as well as freshly made Churros.


If you’re looking for something to do on a Thursday evening, why not make your way down to the Club Tropicana Winter Retreat at The Havelock Hotel for their lip smacking cocktails. Of course, if you’re out and about and want some flame grilled chicken goodness, pop into your local Oporto store (open 24 hours at On The Run) to check out their fast food that is actually good for you.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank the staff at The Havelock Hotel and Oporto for providing delicious food and drink. We would also like to thank The Adelaide Set for hosting such a wonderful night.

WHERE: 162 Hutt St, Adelaide


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