2KW Bar and Restaurant – Winter Menu and Cocktail Launch

As we say goodbye to the warmer weather and the cooler months roll in, our palates change. All of a sudden light salads and fruit won’t cut it and we crave heartier cuisine to warm our bellies and our souls.

Luckily, 2KW have our backs and on May 13th launch their Winter menu of eats and cocktail treats. The man behind the curtain, Executive Chef Daniel Lawrence had some new delights for us to try and we simply couldn’t say no.

Their new range of cocktails encompassed all things delicious; chocolate, coconut, orange, spices and almonds.

Plane Tree – this drink tasted like Christmas, literally. It tasted like that of a spicy Christmas pudding full of sherry, orange and chestnut.

Barrel Aged Rosita – this little number boasted tequila, orange and vermouth. The rim of the glass was rubbed with orange rind before being served for a deliciously bitter aftermath.

Boomer Beach – because while we’ve said goodbye to Summer, doesn’t mean we don’t miss the hell out of it. Served in a salt rimmed martini glass, this one was a real delight for the senses full of tequila, almond, lemon and chocolate.

Coconut Old Fashion – this cocktail was a strong and punchy rum based drink, full of pineapple and laced with coconut flakes. I was surprised to learn that one of the key ingredients was Old Spice. Bringing sexy back in a drink? Well done.

After all the cocktails we thought it was only right to eat something.

Trio of Duck – Duck prosciutto, rillettes and pate with a pickled walnut jus gras was smokey thick and salty with a hint of sweetness from the jus gras.

Super Salad – and super it was, indeed! A jumble of flowering broccolini, roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts, kale, grains, seeds and cauliflower tahini, this dish was earthy and plentiful. The pomegranate seeds gave little bursts of tart juiciness and contrasted the creaminess of the tahina.

Josper Roasted Calamari – Lenti ragu, green chimichurri made for an unusual and intriguing mix of elements. It’s not often you see seafood paired with lentils and an Argentinean sauce but it’s a welcomed combination.

Mushroom Patch – A selection of mushrooms, purple basil, turnip puree, porcini and carrot marmalade. This dish was creamy and each mushroom was represented differently from the crispy enoki mushrooms sprinkled on top to the tender buttery buttons swimming in turnip puree.

These delectable new menu items only add to the majesty of 2KW. Enjoying these treats while experiencing the views of our beautiful city is an absolute must.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 2 King William St, Adelaide

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