Atlantis Lounge Bar – Media Launch Party

Atlantis is no longer a mythical city trapped at the bottom of the ocean, it’s now right in our backyard – and thank god, who can be bothered travelling that far for a cocktail? It has now set up shop on Waymouth Street in the CBD.  Mythical no more, the oceanic bar is brought to life but still maintains its wonder.


Formerly Garage, Atlantis Lounge Bar is extravagantly divine offering nothing but luxury. You’ll think you are high rolling in Vegas the minute you step in.

The bar is coolly light in an Aquarian blue which bounces off the chic white walls and exposed beams and a bar fashioned by a beautiful collage of opal-like Agate shells.


Champagne fountains, live acrobats, gold plated toilets and the second largest commercial aquarium next to Seaworld in Australia, Owner Nathan Buttigieg has spared no expense and done well with this get up – Atlantis is straight out of a Bond film. Did I mention there was a mermaid? Yes you heard right, a real life mermaid gracing the tank. It’s the kind of A-lister bar you would expect Jay and Bey to frequent.


When a bar’s opening line of their drinks menu reads “We encourage you to order by the bottle, Don’t be shy” you know you’ve hit next level player status, and that it’s also going to be a massive night. Only top shelf liquor is on offer and Moet served with a shooting sparkling flare (literally) and delivered straight to your booth in the courtyard outside bound by golden rope and trident decor. The bottles of champagne range from $15 to $100,000 and there’s even a chauffeur service for VIPs.


Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 163 Waymouth St, Adelaide



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