The Highway – Game Season 2016

The Highway Hotel is really bringing their A-game on with their new ‘Game Season’ menu. We were lucky enough to be invited to their tasting night where they showcased the goods. The season kicks off May 16th through to 30th and may I suggest you join the team while you can.

The night was kicked off with Kangaroo Tartare. Served on an organic buckwheat cracker, a slice of radish and puffed rice, the Kangaroo Tartare was rich and velvety. The wasabi crème sealed the dish and gave it a burst of fresh creamy spice.

Goat Sweetbread was our second entree, who knew sweetbread was pancreas? You live and learn and I learned that goat pancreas is quite delicious. Crumbed and deep fried you’ll think this a haloumi-like cheese as it’s chewy and dense. It came dished up on a bitey parsnip mash and dusted with a salty dill pollen and pistachio for the crunch factor. It was a nice little combination of various textures brought together on a plate.

On to the mains! Alpaca Sliders were up first and oh boy do they Alpaca-punch! Encased in a soft glazed brioche bun, the alpaca meat is much like a quieter piece of lamb. This patty was given 200cc’s of beef fat and took it to a new level of slider. You’ll find many other delights in this slider such as grilled speck, pickled fennel and a spiced meat glaze. How many sliders make up one burger? Not enough, so keep eating.

Wild Rabbit Ragu was our next dish. Succulent slow braised tender rabbit was folded through al dente pappardelle pasta ribbons. The dish had distinct notes of bitter citrus from the preserved lemon which tied nicely with the green olives and fresh green peas for a burst of sweetness.

The Wild Boar wrapped in Prosciutto came served as a neat little parcel of cubed meat. It was dense and smokey and wrapped in a salted prosciutto case and topped with shavings of pickled fennel. The carrot and swede quenelle was complimented by the swipe of meat glaze. The dish was the perfect mix between salty, sweet and sour.

Now, dessert. The crème dela crème: Foie Gras Parfait. For those playing along at home, Foie Gras is goose liver, more specifically in French translates to ‘fat liver’. It’s hard to imagine how this can be fashioned into a dessert but the chef’s worked some kind of culinary magic and out came a visually delightful as well as delicious dish. It is considered a delicacy in France and it’s not hard to see why. The parfait came served as what I would describe as a rich, butter cream cheese-like ice-cream on a dizzled plum gel, caged in an almost too beautiful to eat toffee. The dish came out steaming from the dry ice that kept it deliciously frozen and as a freeze dried mandarin sat on top of the foie gras as an added bonus. This was a bite of crispy citrus crunch and what we agreed was similar to that of a Mandarin flavoured Cheezel. A must!

Head to the Highway to get in the game, you’ve got to be in it to win it and winning it certainly is.

Words by Kassie Affede of Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 290 Anzac Highway, Plympton

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