Tasting Australia 2016 – Coal Cellar + Grill

As part of the Words To Go blogger conference organised by Tasting Australia, delegates had the luxury of dining at Coal Cellar + Grill. Open for just over 6 months now, Coal is known for their charcoal grill and rotisserie, their use of local produce, and their extensive wine collection. Several reviews have already been written about Coal so without repeating myself, I’ll get straight into the food.


For starters, we had a tasting board with Fresh Oysters, Squid Ink Ocean Trout, Crab Cakes and Sangria Marinated Watermelon. The Squid Ink Ocean Trout comes smoked in a glass lid. The trout is soft and delicate with lovely smokey flavours. The horseradish creme fraiche has a subtle sharpness that is balanced by the sweetness of the beetroot and the tartness of the lemon myrtle tapioca.

The Crab Cakes were my favourite on the board. Generous in size, they had a nice, golden brown crunchy coating. Inside was soft, delicate, well seasoned crab meat. The peas were firm and the North African spice mixed used brought everything together. The Sangria Marinated Watermelon looked like raw piece of tuna. The sweetness of the watermelon was balanced by the saltiness of the feta. The crumbly texture of the cheese matched that of the apple pistachio.


The Baked Half Shell Scallops were amazing! The scallops were juicy and succulent, and the prominent flavour of dill from the butter was a highlight. They also used truffle in this dish which is another reason why the scallops tasted so good.


The remaining starter was the Confit Duck. The meat was soft and delicate with an amazing crispy skin. The apple and celeriac remoulade added a slight crunchy texture while the blackberry jus had a subtle sweetness.


Meatlovers rejoice! The main was board with the Coal signature Caab Tomahawk Steak, Paringa Farms Lamb Cutlets and Clare Valley Gold Beef Fillet. All the meats were cooked to perfection, but on this occasion, I preferred that Tomahawk Steak over the other proteins.


The Seared Salmon was served with a mandarin gel, fennel and sultanas. The salmon was soft and delicate with a lovely crispy skin. The tartness of the mandarin gel complimented the natural sweetness of the sultanas.


I normally have Barramundi steamed with ginger and shallots, but grilled is just as good. The skin was crispy and the flesh was soft and delicate. A few too many bones were encountered for my liking but that is the nature of fish.


As I always say, no meal is complete without desserts, and Coal certainly know how to satisfy. On the board were the Bombe Australiana, Jaffa Fondant, and Strawberries and Cream. My favourite was the Strawberries and Cream with vanilla ice cream, hazelnut pastry and strawberry sauce. The hazelnut pastry has the texture of a macaron and the filling was like delicious peanut butter. The Jaffa Fondant was a close second. The fondant was soft and moist with a sponge like texture. Inside was a gooey chocolate centre that was absolutely decadent.


The Creme Brulee is fairly stock standard and was executed to perfection. The caramelised topping broke with a gentle tap of the spoon. The custard base had a lovely thick consistency and vanilla flavour was prominent.


Finally, we had the Raspberry Sponge with pistachio caramel crumbs and licorice ice cream. The sponge was a raspberry flavoured bread centre. Its soft and delicate texture was a contrast to the smooth and creamy ice cream and the nutty crumbs. I did think the licorice seemed to overpower everything though.

When I found out we were eating at Coal for the blogger conference delegate dinner, I already knew we were in a for a treat. There was so much food and all very well executed. The service was excellent as was the ambience. The group were seated in their private function area with sliding doors that separated us from the main part of the restaurant.

Coal is great.

WHERE: 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide

Coal Cellar + Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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