Tasting Australia 2016 – Wood Oven Lighting

Tasting Australia presented by Thomas Foods is in the final stages of preparation as the Town Square wood oven was ceremoniously lit in Victoria Square.


The coals used to light the wood oven were taken from 3rd generation baker, Corey Fechner, of Apex Bakery in Tanunda. The Apex coals have been burning for more than 90 years and today travelled 73 kilometres from Tanunda through Adelaide city and to Victoria Square – the hub of Tasting Australia.

Maggie Beer, patron of Tasting Australia retrieved the ashes from the iconic Barossa producer on behalf of the festival with an old shovel, decades old but still used to this day.


Maggie was delighted to bring an important part of history into the heart of Tasting Australia.

“Today is a wonderful celebration for the community of food producers, creators and foodies. The coals represent our food history, hard labour, and the backbone of our farming, producing, creating, culinary and wine community,” she said.

“The ashes have been burning in this bakery for over 90 years, continuing to create a traditional and honest product – and that is the basis of Tasting Australia.

“It is about the land, the rustic, raw and personal passion for produce, creation, wines and sharing and the giving within our community”

“No matter what we do with our food and produce, it all starts with fire – the creation and development of our produce is created with the heat and flame – the fire.”

The Tasting Australia wood oven now has 48 hours to warm up before the public are welcomed into Town Square from 11am on Sunday 1 May.


The final preparations are being made for the festival with Town Square bump in being finalised, chefs arriving from around the world and fresh produce being picked, collected and sourced. In 2014 more than 50,000 people visited Town Square during the event.

The wood oven will play host to a number of activities and artisans over the eight day festival with international guest bakers Josey Baker and Jeffrey Hamelman leading the charge alongside national chefs and local artisan bakers.

It will be used for a number demonstrations and an interactive Artisan’s Hour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 4.45pm when bakers will team up with local makers (Dee Nolan of Nolans Rd Olive Oil, Saskia Beer presenting smallgoods and Victoria McClurg of Barossa Valley Cheese Co).

Simon Bryant, Creative Director of Tasting Australia said the success of the event is the pure passion, and love that all contributors put into their produce and product.

“They are passionate to share their experiences and showcase their product, and that is the heart of the festival,” he said.

Town Square is open daily and offers a range of food from South Australia’s regions, a long bar featuring craft beers, cider, spirits and local wines plus many Tasting Australia partner displays, samples and giveaways.

Town Square opening hours:
Sunday 1 May – Wednesday 4 May 11am-5pm
Thursday 5 May – Saturday 7 May 11am-8pm
Sunday 8 May 10am-5pm

Entry is free

Words and Photos by Tasting Australia


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