Slo Moe’s Smokery

Slo Moe’s Smokery has launched its first outlet in Rundle Place, Rundle Mall.

Headed by renowned South Australian chef, Nigel Rich, this is the first place of its kind to offer authentic southern style BBQ to locals. The meats are slow cooked for 10-14 hours using traditional methods that have been used for generations.

The meats are locally sourced and prepared in the Slo Moe’s McLaren Vale smokery under Nigel Rich’s watchful eye and together with co-founder Darren Lange who is instrumental in bringing slow cooked American BBQ to Australia.

Nigel was so confident in the product he wanted to invite everyone to taste, and so they did. My meal was the Bamba Lamb which had 14 hour slow smoked succulent lamb with their fiery Kentucky bourbon sauce and nude slaw. The meat was soft, tender and juicy, and the distinctive flavour of bourbon was prominent. The slaw was fresh and well dressed, and it added a nice crunchy texture.


Ms C had the Texan Tycoon which has 12 hour slow smoked salt and pepper rubbed prime beef brisket with sweet and spicy Texas sauce and a creamy mayo slaw. The sandwich was sweet and creamy with a slight hint of spice. The texture was soft and lacked being chewy, which is how every beef sandwich should be.


Overall, we were quite impressed with the food. The menu isn’t anything fancy and is only five different proteins and a selection of sides. It’s a classic case of quality over quantity. They know how to cook their meats and they do it well.

The Rundle Place store is the first stage of the dynamic roll out over the coming months, that includes food service, at home self catering and an events division as well as a restaurant in McLaren Vale.

WHERE: Rundle Place, 77-91 Rundle Mall, Adelaide



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