Hut & Soul Eatery – Lunch Menu

The name Hut and Soul can have many meanings, one of them being a play on Heart and Soul. We’ve all heard it, the only song anyone knows how the play on piano and often listened to while on hold? BORING! But Hut and Soul? Boring it ain’t!

Located on Pultney Street on the South side of the CBD, Hut and Soul is an Indonesian-Malaysian cuisine restaurant. Adelaide Food Central has reviewed it before so when they asked us to suss their new lunch menu we couldn’t resist.

Inside you almost feel like you’re sitting at your resort bar in Bali; there’s white linen draped from the ceiling, a huge wooded crafted frame in the middle of the seating area, the tables are lined with smooth brown parchment paper and a cluster of exposed light bulbs dangle above you.


First up, we ordered the Avocado Fries. Hooly Dooly. For those cutting carbs and upping their healthy fats, get on to these bad boys. They were buttery and crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, completely melting in your mouth the moment it touched your tongue. It was paired with a chilli aioli which brought it on home for me.


The Chicken Satay was smothered in a chunky sauce with didn’t skimp on the nuts – I’m talking hearty chunks of peanuts that would have you thinking we’re celebrating the end of a peanut drought. The chicken thigh was tender and succulent, and the sauce was the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. It was served with cucumber to give the dish a good contrast between thick and nutty, and fresh and juicy.

The Murtabak was a flaky pastry filled with onions, egg and beef with a curried pickled sauce. It reminded me of that scene from Friends where Rachel messes up the trifle, a big jumble of meats, pastry and veg and Joey froths on it. Meat? GOOOOOOD! Onions? GOOOOOOD! Pastry? GOOOOOOD! It was a nice savoury dish that was lightly spiced.

Some prawn dishes can have you leaving a restaurant with a jaw so shredded people would think you’re headed straight for Stereos. But not Hut and Soul; their Sambal Prawns were butterflied and cooked perfectly and they were balanced with a good serve of greens. Served with crisp perfectly cooked vegetables and fluffy steamed rice, this dish will keep you begging for more.

The Nasi Lemak offered an array of textures and field day for the senses. The coconut rice was so fragrant it’ll have you thinking you’re eating a glasshouse candle. The beef rending was super tender that was kicking back and chillin’ in a jacuzzi of spicy velvety thick sauce. The peanuts and whitebait were there for a fishy crunch element. The pickled veg gave your mouth a nice little slap and contrasted all the other textures on the plate. Oh and also the boiled egg was there because GAINZ! This dish was well and truly Bali for me on a plate. You know, minus the 50 degree humidity and open street sewers. It made me feel a bit better about cancelling my July trip because I had a piece of Indonesia right here in front of me.

The Singapore Noodles were everything you want in your classic Singapore Noodle dish: full of garlic, onions and noodles. The noodles were light and fluffy, the meat was lean and plentiful, and the veggies were crunchy and juicy. It wasn’t overpowering like some Singapore Noodles where you have a few mouthfuls and you are well and truly done.

Last but sure as heck not least we thought we’d be naughty and order some dessert – just ice-cream, I mean we’re not animals. *COUGH COUGH* We ordered the Drunk in Fig which was a cool take on Rum and Raisin because figs are the new raisins, haven’t you heard? Now you have. Anyway, it was so delicious that I felt like singing “DRUNNNNNKKKKK IN FIIIIIIIIIIG” to Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’ but I don’t think the owner, other patrons or even Lee would have dug that very much.

We also ordered the Peanut Butter Disaster, ironic as the name suggests the worst but what you get is the best. So good that I couldn’t get it in my mouth fast enough and dropped half of it on the table. But five second rule right? Or does that not apply to ice cream? I regret nothing.

Hut and Soul offers some lunch time options that are both affordable and delicious. It’s a bit further down Pulteney Street which makes parking a breeze. For authentic Malaysian and Indonesian dishes, you need to look no further than this place.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 310 Pulteney St, Adelaide


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