Ginza Miyako – New Seasonal Menu 2016

I recently visited Ginza Miyako, located on the first floor of the Stamford Hotel. I’d not been there before and was excited to sample their new seasonal menu and soak in the atmosphere.

Upon entry I was pleasantly surprised by the culture and essence they’d captured so successfully. I was immediately transported to Japan, where I was asked to leave my shoes at the door (Thank God I was wearing clean socks!).

I was seated in a Japanese styled booth with a nice view of North Terrace.

The first meal I ordered was the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio from the entrée list. I was impressed by just how delicate the meat was. The Wagyu beef, on a bed of rocket, was accompanied by crumbs of ricotta, feta and sweet potato chips. The sweet potato chips were a great addition, introducing texture to the dish. As a self-confessed carpaccio enthusiast, I am delighted to say that all elements complemented each other and made for a satisfying entrée.

Next on the entrée list was the Miyako Entrée Seafood Platter. This platter was more like an art piece – a vibrant creation of fresh fish and squid – rather than a meal. The fish was, soft, succulent and my senses were reeling with the combination of fresh flavours of the ocean. Just amazing!

Now for the (much anticipated) main course.

First came the Roasted Veal Scotch Fillet and again the presentation, on a wooden board, set the scene for the experience to follow. The veal fillet was cooked to medium rare perfection. The meat was juicy, tender and after each bite I craved the next. Accompanied by pumpkin gnocchi, confit mushrooms and a smooth and creamy potato puree. The smoked soy butter sauce was as appetizing as it sounds, adding that final mouthwatering layer. This dish alone warrants a return visit.

Up next was the Roasted Duck Breast and Braised Duck Leg with sweet corn combination. This was the perfect winter warming dish for me. The duck was moist and rich, complemented perfectly by the kinzanji miso sauce. The potato puree was once again creamed to perfection with the polenta fritters, grilled corn and corn silk tempura adding an exciting crunchy element to the meal.

After a few minutes of stomach recovery, I was ready for dessert!

Starting off with the Creamy Yuzu Rare Cheesecake. To the citrus lovers out there, this one is for you. Although this cake seemed less of a cheesecake and more of a sponge cake, it was perfectly moist. Each element performed in harmony – the yuzu jelly added a zing to my taste buds, the citrus meringue added the essential lemony flavor, while the mango puree and fresh mango provided the sweet freshness to every bite. Delicious!

My second dessert (I was really utilising my second stomach by this point!) was the Japanese Plum Wine Chocolate Parfait. The plum wine granita was a cheeky adult delight. The plum compote gave the dessert a freshness that balanced out the rich, smooth chocolate mousse. The vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between the layers of mousse and plum provided a soft layer of sweetness.

Overall, I was definitely satisfied. The service was great, with friendly, attentive staff. I thought the entrees were value for money – the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio will set you back $16. The mains were a little on the expensive side, with $38 for the veal fillet and $36 for the roasted duck, but all in all, every bite was worth every dollar.

This is a restaurant I would definitely visit again.

Great for family and friends for a fun, new experience or an intimate first date.

Words by Jamie Bucirde

WHERE: Level 1, 150 North Tce, Adelaide

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