Cheeky Greek – Grange

People that know me would know that I’m always down at Grange Beach taking sunset photos. It’s a great location because it’s not overcrowded. The Grange sunsets are hot and so is the new Cheeky Greek takeaway store that has opened nearby. Run by partners, Tony (the cheeky Greek) and Tracey, this lovely couple have brought traditional Greek yiros to this beautiful seaside suburb. Just as you would get in Greece, the yiros are wrapped with chips, caramelised onion and creamy mustard dressing. The star of the show is the marinated meats which use Tony’s Grandfather’s original yiros recipe. The meat is then cooked over charcoals on a rotisserie to give it that beautiful smokey flavour.

As with any takeaway store, you don’t expect the menu to be too extensive. The offerings are short and sweet with a focus on what they do best. Aside from the yiros options, there is a selection of dips, mezze, salads and sweets. With the exception of the pita bread, all the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Cheeky Greek is by no means your typical Greek yiros takeaway store. The owners have carefully thought out the menu to bring that little bit of Greece to Adelaide. They’re also giving back to the community by employing staff who live nearby.

To start off proceedings, I had a serve of the Cheeky Chips which is topped with feta, garlic oil and oregano. It’s a delicious combination that I’ve never had before. The chips were fried to a nice golden brown and were perfectly crisp. The crumbled feta was salty and was a good substitute for salt on the chips. I detected subtle notes of garlic while the herby flavour of the oregano was quite prominent. This is the Greek version of Cheese Fries.


Of course, no meal would be proper without a Cheeky Greek Salad. The salad was bright and colourful, and the ingredients were fresh and crisp. The application of olive oil, vinegar and lemon dressing was just right.


One of the other salads on offer is the Cheeky Urban Salad. This contains beans, lentils, onion, mixed coriander leaves, grains and nuts, and is dressed in olive oil and Greek yoghurt. The salad was light and refreshing, and I loved the contrast in textures in this dish. The leafiness of the coriander, the chewiness of the grains and crunchiness of the nuts all worked together perfectly. The natural sweetness of the onion was balanced by the sourness of the yoghurt.


The star of the show was the Marinated and Chargrilled Lamb. The exterior of the meat was crisp and crunchy, while the other parts were tender and succulent, and easily fell apart. The lamb was marinated to perfection and the lovely charcoal flavours were present throughout. If you were come to Cheeky Greek for one thing, it would be for their chargrilled meats!


As I always say, no meal is complete without desserts. Presented to me was a plate of Cheeky Sweet Baklava Cigars and Galaktoboureko (Greek custard in filo), both made by Tony’s Aunty. The Baklava was on point with the flaky filo pastry wrapped around the chopped nuts. Soaked in a sweet honey syrup, this dessert was simply decadent. The Galaktoboureko is made from a semolina custard which is thick and creamy. There was also a distinct tartness in the custard. Once again, this sweet had a filo topping and was coated with a clear, sweet syrup. Not as sweet as the Baklava, but just as good.


The Cheeky Greek is a welcome addition to the beautiful beachside suburb of Grange. The breathtaking views of the sea alone is enough reason for you to come here. The food is fresh, affordable and authentic, and the place offers more healthier options when you want go down to the beach to watch the sunset or have a picnic.

My new favourite place for yiros in Adelaide!

WHERE: 586 Seaview Rd, Grange



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheryl says:

    Best yiros in Adelaide!

  2. Bernie & Tom says:

    Beautiful food, amazing people, stunning views , plan to go back over & over again. 👍

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