Cremorne Hotel – New Menu Launch – Part 2

We loved the new menu at the Cremorne Hotel so much that it only took us a week to come back. As the last review was fairly recent, we’re not going to go too much into the background. 5 dishes that were different to the previous week were ordered, and we were ready to dig in.

First up was the Pho Dumpling Soup. A combination of two Asian favourites that worked surprisingly well. Inside half a dozen bite-sized steamed dumplings were well seasoned pork and prawn. These dumplings were swimming in flavoursome broth that was combined with fresh Asian herbs. A very hearty beef noodle soup but with dumplings.


The next entree was the Yoder Smoked Chicken Croquettes. The croquettes were fried to a dark golden brown. The exterior was crunchy, and the inside revealed tender, succulent portions of chicken. The meat was smokey and delicious.


The first main was the Hand Made Gnocchi. The presentation of this dish was immaculate and we thought to ourselves the dish was more expensive than the meal itself. The gnocchi was firm and chewy, and swimming in a rich oven roasted tomato base. The zucchini flower was fried tempura style and stuffed with ricotta. A delightful combination of ingredients.


Next was the Shredded Chicken Leg. The chicken had lovely smokey flavours but was perhaps a little dry for my liking. The chicken was wrapped in proscuitto which was nice and crisp. The saltiness of the proscuitto was well balanced by the salad and jus.


Finally, we had the Fish of the Day, which was the Atlantic Salmon. The salmon fillet was cooked to perfection. A lovely crispy layer of skin surrounding a nice pink fillet. The fillet was soft and delicate, and matched well with the soft and creamy sweet corn puree. The prawns in the salad were juicy and succulent, and the vegetables added a nice contrast in texture.


After eating here twice in two weeks, all we can say is that the new menu at the Cremorne Hotel is a real winner.

WHERE: 207 Unley Rd, Unley



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