Bing Boy – New Menu Tasting

These days people are more and more health conscious than they have been ten years ago. With the current rising trend of vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, low-carb diets, and diets that incorporate the use of superfoods such as green tea and chia seeds, to name a few. As well as making gluten free food items more readily available to those who are gluten intolerant. The team behind Bing Boy saw this need to cater to these markets and have done so by vamping up their menu that also include new items that give vegetarians more options as well as giving gluten intolerant individuals more choice. Whist still keep in with their original philosophy of using the freshest, high quality ingredients and being to make tasty, fast food that is still healthy.

The new menu has much more Asian roots with such new found influences coming from the menu consultants and their experiences from being in Asia themselves according to Cassandra, the marketing guru at Bing Boy. There is much of a Chinese feel here with the inclusion of a variety of delicious hand made dumplings, pork spice chilli sausage in some wraps and use of silken tofu. Here you will also find some breakfast options which include Tofu Greeting (tofu, brown rice, red beans, mushroom, carrot, baby spinach, teriyaki sauce), Good Prawning (prawns, cabbage, nori & bonito flakes, pickled ginger, mayonnaise, okonomi sauce), and Meat Eating (smoked bacon, pork spice chilli sausage, cheese, cabbage, okonomi sauce). There is now also a dedicated kids menu which include wraps and bowls that are more portion friendly for little tummies.

The wraps at Bing Boy are always fun to eat. In order to get to the last part of your wrap you tear the wrapping paper as you eat your way down to the bottom. It does get a little messy but that’s part of the fun of eating one! We love how all the wraps include a free range egg each which made it that little extra special as well as the use of a variety of fresh, crunchy vegetables such as pickled carrot and cucumber. The use of hoisin and okonomi as well as mayonnaise tied all these ingredients well together. Unlike other wraps and rolls you would get at other places, these wraps are light yet still very satisfying and filling. Thus, allowed us to avoid that heavy feeling after a huge meal. There are also gluten free wraps available now as well to those who request them.

Don’t want a wrap? Why not get a Bing but in a bowl instead? It’s basically all the ingredients you would get in a wrap but all neatly arranged in a bowl on a bed of brown rice as opposed to the wrap. It’s very beautifully presented with the combination of bright colours from the carrots, cucumber, lime, and basil, just to name few, coming all together in the bowl. You are also given a sauce on the side such as teriyaki in order to drizzle in your bowl of goodness before mixing it and digging in. The crispy wontons gave the dish a nice texture and the use of brown rice gave the dish an overall nutty taste which was delicious. Even after consuming a wrap and bowl each no feeling of bloating was felt. These bowls are perfect option for a light, healthy and fresh dish that would be well suited to the fast lunch crowd

Dumplings! We love the dumplings. We tried all of them and we love how juicy the fillings were. We particularly loved the Pork, prawns and chives dumplings, a classic combination. They’re also fried off lightly which gave the dumplings a delicious crispy brown texture.


The Sweet Bing wraps are something to shout about. They’re all made with gluten-free wraps and are all scrumptious and definitely worth the guilty pleasure. The use of buckwheat wraps also gave the dishes a more nutty flavour which complimented well with the sweetness of the other elements of the dishes. We were a huge fan of the Apple Custard Fling as the use of cinnamon gave the dish an aromatic taste and smell as well as the generous amounts of that creamy apple custard topping. Delicious! the Matcha Loving was tasty and matchery but not too matchery which makes it easily accessible to all. And the nutella and sliced bananas in the Bananas in Beijing wrap worked together being a very classic combination.

The Matcha Smoothie was absolutely delicious with the incorporation of crushed up green tea macarons and toasted coconut, both of which gave the smoothie an interesting twist of texture. The use of almond milk made it surprisingly light. We really liked how there were also real pieces of fresh sliced banana in the smoothie. Definitely a winner according to our taste buds. The myTea was a very light but refreshing drink that we approved. The use of fresh fruits and natural sugars made it a delicious, light drink that would be best enjoyed in summer or even all year round.

We like to give sincere thanks to Cassandra and the team at Bing Boy Kidman Park Store, Vivi and Phoeobe, for their generosity and the chance to sample the new menu. We are really excited to be able to see all these items be released nation wide as these new items are all real winners that can appeal to a mass audience.

Words by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 8/320 Grange Rd, Kidman Park


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