Cibo Locale – Findon – Breakfast Menu

The Adelaide Food Central team had the pleasure of attending Cibo Locale once again for an exclusive breakfast menu tasting. After sampling their lunch and dessert options not long ago I was super excited to try their breakfast items. With an empty stomach and high expectations, I was ready to eat some good food! Cibo Locale have an extensive breakfast menu with something to cater to just about all palates and dietary needs.

We kicked off our feast sampling the two smoothies they had on offer. The Vitamin Green Booster had cucumber, spinach, green apple and celery and was very refreshing and the perfect start to the day. The Berry Smoothie had Raspberry, blueberry, yoghurt, banana and pineapple. This smoothie had the perfect balance of tangy yoghurt and sweet fruit flavour.

Then came the food, which we were so ready for. The aromas of each dish filled the table and made my mouth water. First we tried one of each of the bagel sliders on the menu. One bagel slider had egg and mustard herb aioli and the other had smoked salmon, avocado, capers and pickled onion. You can’t go past a good salmon and avocado bagel really, but my favourite was definitely the egg and mustard herb aioli bagel which had a beautiful dill flavour and tied with the cucumber on top it was light yet very tasty.

One of my favourite dishes of the day was definitely the Sweet potato and chorizo hash with crisp shallots, tahini yoghurt and poached eggs. This dish was full of so much flavour and I simply could not get enough. Everything in this beautifully presented skillet married perfectly together and the contrast of the sweetness of the sweet potato and spicy chorizo was out of this world. I would happily come back just to have this dish again!

A good thing about this breakfast menu is there is something to cater to just about everyone. There are many healthy and vegetarian options such as the Beetroot cured trout with poached eggs, dukkah, chilli labne, kale and avocado. The beetroot cured salmon was so delicious and along with everything else on this colourful plate made for the perfect healthy breakfast. The dish would be the perfect accompaniment to the Vitamin Green Booster smoothie and I could see just about any gym junkie loving these two.

Another healthy option but for those with a sweet tooth, is the Chia seed pudding with raspberry, pomegranate, and strawberry. The consistency of this pudding is thick and tasted kind of like a coconut-flavoured yoghurt to me. With the beautiful fresh berries on top this is such a great light breakfast or dessert. I loved this dish and would definitely have it again!

For those wanting a more rich and decadent breakfast, you can’t go past the Local wild mushrooms with walnuts, truffle Parmesan, lemon thyme butter and brioche. The brioche was pretty much soaked in butter, but I wasn’t complaining! It was crunchy and slightly sweet and the mushrooms had a beautiful herb butter flavour throughout. The crunch of the walnuts and truffle Parmesan lifted the dish even further and it was nothing short of amazing.

Smashed avocado is all the rage at the moment, so we couldn’t go past trying Cibo Locales take on the popular breakfast dish. This normally comes with poached eggs but we added bacon instead and boy was this a great decision! The bacon was so perfectly crispy I thought I had died and gone to bacon heaven. This Smashed avocado with feta, tomato and coriander on rye was up there among one of the best I have had and I have tried a lot of smashed avocadoes in my time! Definitely a must try and I would definitely recommend adding bacon!

Since our last visit to Cibo Locale for lunch, I was so impressed with how consistently delicious every dish was. It’s so good to see that this extends to their breakfast menu as well as there was not one dish I would not try again! Every single dish is full of flavour, and you can tell every ingredient on each plate has been carefully thought out. My top pick would definitely be the Sweet Potato and Chorizo Hash, but I honestly think you could order anything at all and leave with a smile on your face. Do yourself a favour and put Cibo Locale on top of your list for your next brunch visit.

Words by Angela Scarfo from All About That Food

WHERE: Shop 4, 225-229 Grange Rd, Findon



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