Meze Mazi

As someone who visits restaurants soon after they open, I must admit, I was a bit slow on this one. Reliable sources had told me there was this amazing restaurant called Meze Mazi which serves the most authentic Greek food in Adelaide. Literally translated “Meze” means lots of small dishes and “Mazi” means together. Eating lots of small dishes together with other people is how Greek food should be enjoyed.

When you first walk into the restaurant, it’s almost like you’re transported to another place. The black and white colour scheme with splashes of brown really work. The white walls, timber floor boards and the wooden furnishings give this place an old world charm. Natural light flows in from two frontages making this place light and airy. The smell of delicious Greek food coming from the kitchen is enough to set the scene for a pleasant experience.


The owner, Andreas, was born in Adelaide and spent quite some time living in Crete. Working in a hospitality background, his dream was to always come back to Adelaide to open a traditional Greek restaurant. To make the food as traditional as possible, Andreas recruited Head Chef Angelos, who comes from Greece and just moved to Adelaide. You can’t get more authentic than that!


To start off, I had the Melitzanosalata Dip. The dip consists of char smoked eggplant, herbs, roasted capsicum and garlic in extra virgin olive oil. The dip was very light and refreshing with a burst of exciting flavours. The smokiness of the eggplant and the sweetness of the capsicum worked hand in hand. Perfect with the freshly grilled pita bread slices.


Next was the Feta Filo which is pan fried feta cheese wrapped in filo and drizzled with honey and sesame seeds. This was amazing! Inside the crispy golden brown filo shell was soft and creamy feta cheese. The subtle saltiness of the cheese was well balanced by the sweetness of the honey. It was a dish I’d go back to without hesitation.


The other entree was the Spetzofai which is Greek sausage pan fried with fresh tomato salsa, capsicum, onion and chilli. The distinguishing feature of this dish were the bright red colours. The sausage was of premium quality and its flavour was complimented by the sweetness of all other other elements. Chilli was floating around somewhere in this dish but it wasn’t very spicy.


For the main, I had the Hunkar which is slow braised beef shoulder served with a smoked eggplant bechamel and rice. The beef was well seasoned and full of flavour, and the meat simply fell apart. There was a subtle sweetness in this dish which was balanced by the smokey eggplant and rice. The rice was soft, fluffy and cooked to perfection with nice, individual grains.


Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert. Today, I had the Panna Cotta which was made from Greek yoghurt and white chocolate. The Panna Cotta was firm and delicate with a great wobble. The taste was that of Greek yoghurt without much sweetness at all. Of course, this was balanced by the sweetness of the honey drizzle, and the crunchiness of the walnuts and almond bread.


There are very few times when I go to a restaurant and have a faultless experience. I am pleased to say that this was one of them. Each and every dish was executed to perfection, and after 5 courses, I had to wait a bit before I rolled out the restaurant. The staff were warm and friendly, and the service was exceptional. Meze Mazi simply ticks all the boxes.

One of the best places for authentic Greek food in Adelaide.

WHERE: 86B Prospect Rd, Prospect

Meze-Mazi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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