Society Espresso – Lunch Menu

It was only a few weeks ago where we were dazzled by the amazing breakfast options on offer at Society Espresso. The husband and wife team, Michael and Bianka, of Italian and Serbian heritage respectively, have relatives that cook up some authentic dishes as part of the lunchtime menu. Keen to put the food to the test, we popped in once again to check out what was on offer. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

First up were the Meatballs. These were some of the best meatballs I’ve ever tasted! The meatballs were of a decent size and were swimming in a rich tomato sauce. The meat was well seasoned and well refined, and the texture was soft and delicate. These were amazing and I could have eaten them all day.


Next was the Lasagne. In between the perfectly cooked lasagne sheets were a combination of mince and ham cooked in a well seasoned tomato base. I’m used to a cheese topping on my lasagne but the rich tomato sauce on top was just as good.


The final dish was the Melanzane (Eggplant) Parmigiana. I’m not usually a fan of eggplant but this dish was super delicious! In between the pasta sheets were thin slices of well seasoned eggplant. The top layer had a lovely cheesy coating and provided good variation in texture.


The food was well presented, authentic, rustic and delicious! I’ve been told there are more Mediteranean and Eastern European dishes to come!

I can’t wait to come back again. This is my new favourite hangout.

WHERE: 377 King William St, Adelaide



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  1. How was the Sourdough? I’m a big fan of this type of bread but from time to time I come accross the elastic types. Or is that just regular bread?

    1. The sourdough was crusty. Mind you, after finishing 3 mains, I didn’t eat too much bread!

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