The Field Wholefoods

Elite athletes know that a diet fueled by wholefoods and a nutrition plan is integral to proper recovery and success. Andrew Carracher, a former Ironman and owner of The Field Wholefoods, has always been aware of this and it has seen him compete in 12 Ironman events.

After 15 years at a leading advertising agency, Andrew decided to open The Field Wholefoods, a wholefood retail business. The Field Wholefoods stocks over 250 natural and organic products which includes nuts, grains, seeds, dried fruit, muesli, flours, tea, coffee, honey, natural sweeteners, oils, vinegars and nut butters.

If trends are anything to go by, people are more health conscious and are particular about what ingredients are used in the foods that they eat. This is evident by the number of health food stores that are popping up all over Adelaide of late.

The products at The Field Wholefoods have no or minimal processing to ensure the nutrients stay intact and that the food is in its most natural state. At The Field Wholefoods, you control exactly how much you want to buy or stock up on. If the product you want isn’t there, they’ll help source it for you.

The Field Wholefoods also has the environment in mind with the lack of packaging. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers or use the recycled brown paper bags. This is one step closer to reducing the amount of waste society produces.

At The Field Wholefoods, there is essentially something for everyone. Whether you’re training, or have a plant based, paleo or gluten free diet, this place has all your needs covered.

The Field Wholefoods is open from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm on Saturdays and 11am-4pm on Sundays.

WHERE: 158 King William Rd, Hyde Park



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