Society Espresso – Breakfast Menu

Sunday Brunch; the only way to survive the two great miseries of a weekend; either a late Saturday night or the knowledge that there’s only one day left before going back to work, so it better be a good one. Luckily Adelaide Food Central has found a great one for you to try.

Last Sunday we visited Society Espresso for breakfast and the essential caffeine hit.

Taking over the space that was once the old Caledonian Society, the space has a modern industrial feel that pays respect to the heritage building, and is open and inviting. The low hanging light bulbs and unique wooden panelling provide warmth and a character sometimes missing in industrial-styled eateries.


The menu was rather extensive so making a choice was hard, but we persevered. We started with coffee, which was on point, before moving onto a Green Smoothie Bowl that would have had Popeye’s muscles’ bulging, full with spinach, avocado, banana, oats, honey, matcha and super seeds. While it took a while to get used to eating a smoothie with a spoon rather than drinking it with a straw, it was extremely delicious and refreshing on such a hot day.

Continuing out health kick for one dish more, we moved onto the Society Smashed Avocado with cucumber ribbons on rye bread. The bread was deliciously dense and the meal was well seasoned with lemon, salt and chilli flakes – adding flavour while not being too spicy.

The Smoked Salmon with avocado with scrambled eggs was another winner. The salmon was fresh and moreish, while the eggs were well seasoned. One of those classic dishes you can never really go wrong with.

Then, to undo all that health eating we had the Brioche with egg and smoked pancetta. Crispy pancetta, oozy egg, cheese and rocket on brioche – do we need to say more?

Ending our feast was a serve of pancakes, which were light, fluffy and sweet, topped with blueberry, banana and chia.

Before we rolled ourselves out the door, unbelievably full, we managed to grab some time with the owner. It was great to learn that most of the produce that we had just eaten, and in fact almost everything on the menu, was sourced from just up the road from the Central Market. Society Espresso ensure they are getting the best fresh produce, while also supporting local South Australian traders and producers.

A little further down King William Street, perfect to escape the central CBD hustle and bustle, this destination is definitely worth the trip. It’s safe to say that Adelaide Food Central are now fully fledged members of the society. See you there!

Words by Olga Winter from Little Miss Stuff

WHERE: 377 King William St, Adelaide



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