Thomas Foods Taste the Tour – Santos Tour Down Under

The team at Adelaide Food Central were invited to be a part of the taste sampling media launch event that was run by Santos Tour Down Under at the VIP area of the Tour Village.

Coal Cellar + Grill
We were treated to a number of dishes, including the following:

Paringa Farm Pulled Lamb – low and slow BBQ lamb with a buzz honey and beer glaze, served with Amsterdam potato and onion salad. Something about pulled lamb made the meat in this dish extra scrumptious. The meat was well seasoned, well cooked and the drizzle of sauces really brought out some exotic flavours in this dish.

Grilled Beef Burger – toasted brioche bun, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, pickle with chips. As a burger lover, this meal did not disappoint. It was a generous-sized portion that was oozing with delicious flavours and a brilliantly cooked patty that was shaped around the size of the bun – something that a lot of burgers often tend to miss! The brioche bun had a succulent taste that provided this burger with the well-cooked beef patty a winning combination of flavours.

Hot Dog – with red onion jam, bacon bits with chips. The hot dog that we tried was a bit dry, but the onion jam and the bacon bits in the centre provided it with the moistness that made this choice of food appetizing and tasty. It was well-enjoyed with a glass of white wine on the side and thus counterbalance with the dryness brought about by the bread.

Vietnamese Prawn Rolls with Asian coleslaw and XO dipping sauce. The rolls were a refreshing appetizer and its ingredients worked well, in terms of flavours and seasoning. The rolls were bite-sized and tasted well with the dipping sauce that was provided, as the sauce provided the spiciness to an otherwise simple dish.


All Fired Up Wood Oven Pizza
We were treated to a selection of four pizzas, each of which delivered in terms of taste and quality. My favourite one would have to be the meat lovers option, with mild pepperoni, ham, bacon, onion, mozzarella cheese – all on a BBQ sauce base. While I normally prefer the tomato base, the BBQ base in this pizza really worked beautifully and brought out the flavours in this pizza in the best manner possible.


Kerou & Co

All the crepes that were served to us were made fresh and each tasted absolutely wonderful. The savory crepes were most certainly pleasing to the palette as were the sweet crepes, which provided a fantastic finish to this course as the perfect dessert dish!


Veggie Velo
Having tried Veggie Velo’s delicious burgers at the Market Shed and Gilles Street markets prior to this event, it was a pleasant surprise to see that they were part of the taste-sampling menu at this event.

The burger we were offered was the classic Local Lentil Burger, which consists of a burger patty of Kangaroo Island-grown organic lentils, Yorke Peninsula organic chickpeas and served on lettuce, raw carrot, raw beetroot, alflalfa, sprouts and homemade onion jam and SA olive tapenade with Beerenburg hot tomato chutney and vegan mayo.

The flavours seemed to complement each other and provide the burger with just the right balance of moistness and crispiness. Although not a vegetarian or vegan, this is a burger that I would go out of my way to devour for lunch any day, with no questions asked.


Saint Espresso
We were offered a range of gourmet salads:
– Chargrilled marinated capsicum, brown rice, baby rocket, and soft Danish Feta
– Orecchiette pasta, baby roma tomatoes, Spanish onion, bocconcini, and fresh organic basil
– Radicchio, baby fennel, and orange segments

Each of these salads tasted wonderful and the ingredients worked well with each other, providing with a burst of flavours and excellent seasoning. The food from this stall is a definite plus for all the healthy foodies out there!


48 Flavours
The Salted Caramel and Coffee and Toasted Coconut ice cream combination worked really well, because I was able to have the strong flavours from the coffee and salted caramel scoop, and then counterbalance with the sweetness brought about by the toasted coconut scoop underneath.


When less than a week to go till the Tour Down Under event wraps up for another year, now’s the chance to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity where you can try some of the finest delicacies that are on offer at the races, while enjoying the festivities that the Tour Down Under brings with it.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: Victoria Square, Adelaide


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