Di Bella Coffee at Felici Espresso Bar

Di Bella Coffee was launched out of Brisbane by Phillip Di Bella back in 2002. More than a decade on and Di Bella Coffee has grown into Australia’s largest specialty coffee roaster with their signature blends winning a vast array of awards and accolades. In more recent times Di Bella Coffee has expanded its operations globally in China, India and New Zealand. Di Bella Coffee is renowned for being the only company in Australia to source 100% of its raw coffee beans directly from the farmer in a program Di Bella terms ‘Crop to Cup’. Di Bella Coffee offers a range of signature coffee blends and single origins with varying strength ratings specially developed for the Australian coffee market.

For the more lazy coffee lovers amongst us Di Bella have recently launched a range of specialty coffee capsules that are compatible with all Nespresso™ coffee machines. Not only do Di Bella Coffee blend, roast and distribute coffee daily from their roasting warehouse in Brisbane, but coffee lovers across the country can purchase freshly roasted coffee online. Di Bella Coffee is also freshly brewed at a handful of locations across Adelaide. Adelaide Food Central had the opportunity to sample Di Bella Coffee at one of these locations, Felici Espresso Bar, located in the heart of the East End. All food and drinks were provided free of charge.


These days there are so many ways to enjoy coffee, from the popular milk-based cappuccino, latte, flat white and macchiato varieties, to the short or long black and ristretto non-milk based types, and for the more adventurous a mocha, affogato or Vienna creation. I decided to order my favourite coffee style, a cappuccino, and given we were here to specifically taste Di Bella Coffee I also opted for a macchiato or quite literally ‘stained’ coffee; a short espresso with a dash of foamed milk.

The cappuccino arrived at our table with a beautiful heart-shaped pattern in the steamed milk froth. For me a perfect cappuccino has a nice stiff foamy upper layer with a rick milky coffee underneath and of course a generous dusting of chocolate powder. After removing the froth with a spoon and taking a few sips I decided to try the macchiato. For someone who loves milky cappuccinos, I was sceptical about tasting the macchiato for fear of the coffee’s natural bitterness, but alas I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and smooth the coffee was without being bitter at all; a true testament to the quality of the Di Bella Coffee beans used.

Felici Expresso Bar use one of Di Bella Coffee’s signature blends, the Felici Blend, funnily enough. This full-bodied blend is described by Di Bella as “a smooth and rounded profile that features cacao and rich dark chocolate aromas complemented by luscious chocolate flavours and a subtle acidity”. It was a perfect little caffeine hit without all the milkiness! I will definitely be ordering more macchiatos in the future. Looking back this coffee tasting assignment has taught me to be more aware of what brand of coffee beans are actually being used in the coffees I order around Adelaide.

Now you can’t have a coffee without a tasty breakfast treat to match, right?! Right! Today I opted for the Felici Fig and Walnut Raisin Toast served with banana, mixed berries, ricotta and honey and Mr L chose the Felici Bircher Muesli served with natural Greek yoghurt and mixed berries. Both breakfast dishes were beautifully presented on large coloured plates that made the red berries on top stand out.

The Fig and Walnut Raisin Toast was a light and healthy breakfast option, yet surprisingly filling by the end. The smooth and mildly creamy ricotta cheese complemented the natural sweetness of the banana, berries and honey perfectly. I particularly liked the chunks of fig and walnut that were hidden in the raisin toast. Overall I thought the dish was a pleasant and wholesome change to the standard raisin toast with butter breakfast staple.


Mr L thought that the Bircher Muesli was soft and chewy. The natural Greek yoghurt was smooth and creamy with a subtle tartness. This was well balanced by the natural sweetness of the mixed berries. It’s the balance in flavours and variation in textures that makes this classic breakfast/brunch dish work. A generous serving that will get you through the day.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Di Bella Coffee for providing the opportunity to sample their signature Coffee at Felici Espresso Bar.

Words by Kelly Betterman

WHERE: 261 Rundle St, Adelaide

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