Alkazar Salonnieres – VIP Launch

On Friday night Adelaide Food Central attended the VIP launch of Alkazar Salonnieres.

Taking in the atmosphere, the salon itself was light and airy, with a modern and inviting feel. For the night it had been transformed into a tropical wonderland filled with flower arrangements (which included pineapples) by Lilly West Blooms, while the scent of their own strawberry and Champagne scented candles filled the air.

The model that appeared in the window was dressed in Cameo and sporting some gorgeous flowing curls, the kind that only those with thick hair are normally blessed with. We were impressed to learn that the style had only taken half an hour. For someone who does not like to sit still for very long this was fantastic news.

Once we were done taking in the room, we went straight for what Adelaide Food Central knows best; the food and drink. What greeted us was a feast perfect for a summer Friday night in Adelaide. There was a make your own mimosa stand with Veuve Clicquot,_choices of orange or guava juice and delicious strawberries, blueberries and pineapples to be added. There were ice cream cones filled with fruit, fresh, delicious sushi and a tasty selection of cheeses. There was also a chocolate fountain, which we couldn’t resist!

The mood was excited and jovial and it was clear that everyone felt comfortable in the salon, a good sign for any business who’s core service involves getting near people with sharp objects. We left feeling refreshed and ready for the weekend, almost as if we’d just received a new hair cut.

Words by Olga Winter

WHERE: 86A Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside



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