Coal Cellar + Grill – Santos Tour Down Under

Coal Cellar + Grill are a fine dining restaurant located inside The Hilton Hotel and are renowned for their use of premium quality local produce, grilled meats and large wine collection. With the Santos Tour Down Under being held in Adelaide, they’ve opened up a pop-up stall to give the public a taste of their gourmet dishes. Some of the highlights include Paringa Farm Pulled Lamb, Pulled Beef Brisket Ciabatta, Grilled Beef Burger and Vietnamese Prawn Rolls. There is also a selection of wines and other cold beverages to help wash it all down.

Today, I had the Pulled Beef Brisket Ciabatta. The beef was tender and succulent, and the slow cooked meat simply fell apart. It was well seasoned with a good balance of spicy chipotle and sweet maple. The roll was topped with Nadine potatoes which were nice and firm, and smothered in a rich, creamy dressing. The Skala Bakery ciabatta was fresh and crusty, and held all the ingredients in well. The balance of flavours continued in the slaw with sweetness of the green apple and the tartness of the finger lime.


The Vietnamese Prawn Rolls is a classic cold roll dish. Succulent, juicy prawns, fresh Asian greens and rice noodles were wrapped in soft and chewy rice paper. The dish is balanced with an XO dipping sauce that has sherry-like dried fruit and honey flavours.


Of course, no grill would be complete without a burger. Inside the Grilled Beef Burger was a well seasoned, juicy patty that has the same circumference as the bun. The sweetness of the tomato and onion are balanced by the sourness of the pickle, and the toasted brioche bun holds everything in well.


While it’s not quite the fine dining experience that you’d have at the Coal Cellar + Grill restaurant, the food at the pop-up stall is very good. Some of the more substantial dishes start at $7 and go all the way up to $16 (which is less than what you’d pay at the restaurant). Combine this with premium quality ingredients and great service and it becomes the perfect place to grab a meal during the Santos Tour Down Under.

WHERE: Victoria Square, Adelaide



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