The Yiros Hutt by Yanni

After providing exceptional service in the eastern suburb of Norwood for the past 15 years, the same owners now bring you The Yiros Hutt by Yanni which is located along the popular Hutt Street cafe precinct. The team at Adelaide Food Central decided to check out the food served at The Yiros Hutt and we decided on the Lamb AB.

For those not familiar with this classic Adelaide dish, the Lamb AB comprises of yiros lamb meat sitting on a bed of chips. Drizzled on top is hot chilli sauce, garlic sauce and tomato sauce.

The chips were not oily or greasy, which I thought was a big plus. There’s nothing worse than being offered with a plate of dripping oil. The chips may have been average, but they tasted pretty good and were not overly salty. They also seemed to complement the lamb really well, which is what you’d expect from a Lamb AB.

The lamb that was served in the AB had been through two steps of cooking – being on the spit, the lamb was first shaved off and then cooked again (via the kill step process) in order to ensure that the meat was cooked all the way through. On trying the meat in this meal, I thought the meat was well-seasoned but had speckles of inconsistency – in terms of being crisp and tender on some levels and overcooked and dry on other levels. Overall, however, the lamb tasted pretty good with the sauce toppings and the chips.

Yiros Hutt has found their new home in a prime spot of the CBD, where they are bound to receive lots of customers. The aroma of the fresh food they make is absolutely taste-tingling and it looks like they can set up themselves to be as successful as they are in Norwood.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 171 Hutt St, Adelaide




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