Lady Burra Brewhouse – New Petisco Menu

Having opened their doors to the Adelaide crowd in early 2015, Lady Burra Brewhouse has had a pretty spectacular year, attracting scores of Adelaideans, especially on Friday and Saturday nights with their open-spaced bar and dining area, excellent hospitality from their staff, and an overall refreshing feel of spending quality time by the once empty – now vibrant Topham Mall.

The team at Adelaide Food Central were kindly invited to have a sampling of their new Petisco menu and all drinks and meals were offered free of charge.

Having recently updated their cocktail menu, we tried one of the newest additions – the Pisco Sour – with lemon, egg whites, bitters, and Pisco. This drink definitely boasted of the ‘sour factor’ but proved itself worthy to be a fantastic drink to sip on and enjoy on a cocktail night out with friends.

Next, we were offered the Margarita with white Tequila, lime, salt, and contreau. Not being a big fan of tequila, I was pleasantly surprised at how subtle its taste was, in this drink. The Margarita is a classic cocktail choice for anyone who loves to start off the night on a classy note, and this drink definitely delivered according to those standards.

We were also fortunate enough to try the Gin Lane Spritz – an eclectic version of the traditional Aperol Spritz, with sloe gin, aperol, elderflower and prosecco. While it is not a new addition to their cocktail list, this gin-based drink certainly pleased the gin lover within and provided a beautiful, sweet aftertaste to counterbalance the sourness from the two previous drinks.

Next, we were offered a beer paddle that consisted of 4 new beers that Lady Burra Brewhouse was proud to introduce, as part of their new menu launch.

The Pilsner beer was a refreshing choice that had a crisp taste and presented with a pale straw colour. However, it wouldn’t be a style of beer that could be distinctly recognized and appeared to be a bit generic.

The Irish Red Ale was the darkest of beers in this paddle. Having a copper red look with a creamy coloured head, this beer presented with a woody taste that had a tangy aftertaste. It was one of the beers that stood out and would be a great choice to enjoy after a long day’s work.

The India Pale Ale (IPA) is the one that is light orange-amber and is an amalgamation of spicy and fruity flavours. While this turned out to be the most bitter of the lot, it is not a bad choice of beer if you’re after something relatively smooth.

The American Pale Ale is a type of beer with a light ombre colour, which boasts of a citrus and tropical aroma. This beer was smooth and had the taste of wheat malt. It was our favourite from the lot.

For the food, we were offered 7 dishes of tapas. The chef and co-owner, Miguel Sa informed us that all the dishes that we’d be offered today would incorporate a combination of traditional Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist.

The first was the Almondegas – Portuguese style meatballs lightly cooked in a rich tomato sauce, pine nuts, and parsley. The meatballs had a lovely infusion of beef, chicken, and pork, which seemed to make this dish highly appetizing and pleasing to our palettes. The meatballs were seasoned well with a burst of flavour and the meatballs were perfectly sized; to be enjoyed either solo or with a couple of friends.

Next, we tried the Flaming Chorizo with sliced prosciutto, house marinated kalamata olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The chorizos had a smoky texture and a tang of spiciness that made this dish a winner. Being a massive lover of olives, I think the olives boasted of just the right amount of drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The coolness brought about by the olives was brilliant in counterbalancing the strong flavours put forward by the chorizo.

After that, we were served Mozzarella Chicken Wings – chicken wings that were stuffed with smoked mozzarella and crumbed with a citrus & chilli aioli. The chicken wings not only delivered in terms of presentation, but also in their flavour. With an ample amount of cheese stuffed into the wings, the ingredients really complemented each other beautifully. I preferred to have the chicken wings by themselves, although the sauces provided for dipping could be seen as a great way to soften the spiciness of the wings by themselves.

We were offered local SA Cockles – garnished with olive oil, garlic, lemon Dijon mustard and coriander. I am loving the seafood options that are cropping up in menus in and around Adelaide, as my tastebuds have started appreciating the rich flavours that are infused in these seemingly ordinary-looking dishes. The meat from the cockles was tender and juicy. The bread offered on the side was a great addition to savour the lovely flavours that were infused in the juices in which the cockles were served.

The Favas consisted of Portuguese style broad beans, rich stew with chorizo, black pudding and braised pork belly. This was such a hearty and rustic dish. The broad beans were firm but soft, and the immense flavour from the meats were well infused into the vegetable. Traditionally, this dish can be a bit spicy, but not so in this case. The flavours were well balanced and ideal for any occasion.

The Pimento Recheado Assado was a capsicum-based dish, where the capsicum was roasted and stuffed with manchego cheese, roasted almonds, and topped with rocket and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. This was a truly refreshing dish with some seriously fresh and raw ingredients that seemed to work well with each other. The cheese was shaved and not melted, which gave this dish the added ‘pop of flavour’ effect. The capsicum was roasted to a soft crisp, which further added to the delicacy of this dish.

Lastly, we tried the Entremeada De Porco – char grilled pork belly with green applesauce, balsamic glaze, and rosemary. The pork belly was cooked to a tender crisp, with soft meat laced under a crispy layer of crackling. It was bite-sized and drizzled with the right amount of balsamic glaze. With apple and pork going well together hand in hand, the sauce itself was subtle and complimented the pork really well.

With two natives from Portugal serving some of the most authentic, homely meals that have some of the best combination of ingredients and flavours, you can’t really go wrong with the option of meals that Lady Burra Brewhouse has to present. Make sure you check out and stop by this little but fantastic little establishment that is located right in the heart of the CBD – be it during your work break or on a night out with friends and/or family.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 4 Topham Mall, Adelaide

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