Top 10 Espresso Martinis

Espresso Martinis are all the rage at the moment. They’re the perfect drink to start your night out on the town.  Instead of reaching for a Jagar Bomb to perk you up, it’s time to move onto the classier pick me up option.

To me there are some important factors that make a good Espresso Martini, the coffee flavour needs to be there but it shouldn’t just taste like a cold coffee with alcohol, the other flavours need to shine through as well. Another important factor is it cannot be too sweet, you want to be shaking from the caffeine not the sugar rush.

There are so many great cocktail bars in Adelaide now and the quality is outstanding. Here is my top ten Espresso Martini’s in Adelaide:
1. La Moka
Instead of wishing for a never ending packet of Tim Tams I think I would wish for a glass that is forever filled with a La Moka Espresso Martini. It’s smooth with the right amount of sweet and bitter.

2. Bank St Social
This version of the yummy cocktail packs a punch on the coffee flavour, if you want your drink with some bite I recommend this is the one for you.

3. La Buvette
Shaved chocolate on top of your martini, need I say more?

4. The Union
I know what you’re thinking, a pub does a great cocktail?! Well yes, yes it does! This version is a bit sweeter than some but it does the balance well.

5. Howling Owl
This lovely bar café is known for having good coffee so it’s only natural adding booze to the mix is going to be a good thing.

6. Gypsy Dragon
Vietnamese espresso martini bubble tea, yes you heard me right! It’s such a novel fun idea and tasty to boot!
7. The Collins Bar
Shut the front door, Affogato Martini served with dark chocolate and house made vanilla rum ice-cream. I’ll take ten!
8. La Boheme
A simple and classic take on the cocktail.  The bar is so cute, I like to imagine I am sitting in France whilst I sip the coffee flavour in.

9. The Bibilotheca Bar and Book Exchange
Another delicious coffee delight, my only complaint is the glasses are so small at this bar, you are left wanting more.

10. Udabberi Pintxos Y Vino
Street Delicious and classic. I haven’t been brave enough to try but there is a tequila option which I really must try one of these days.


Words by Sophie Miller of The Streets of Adelaide

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  1. Matt says:

    LaMoka is a great place, worth more than a visit! But I do a really good Espresso Martini too, despite I work in a franchise coffee store, put mine on a test too!

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