Wang-derful Restaurant

Wang-derful is an Asian restaurant located within a new complex on Field Street, just off the Gouger Street cafe precinct. The menu is short and simple with a selection of dumplings, juicy buns, wontons and mains on offer.

For lunch, I ordered the Shanghai Noodles. The dish arrived 15 minutes after ordering and was average in presentation. The noodles that arrived weren’t Shanghai noodles but two minute noodles. The noodles were well cooked and topped with spring onion and dry shrimp. Under the noodles was a pool of soy sauce. It all seemed rather pedestrian to me. It tasted alright but was nothing special.


The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing seemed reasonable with dishes starting from $2.50 and going all the way to $15.50. Having said that, the cost of the Shanghai Noodles was $8.80 which wasn’t worth the price paid.

WHERE: 25 Field St, Adelaide



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  1. Kit Mitchell says:

    This place provided me with my worst ‘dining’ experience. We should have realized that this place was bad as no-one was in on a Friday night, but thought we’d give them a chance as they’re newly opened. We ordered two beers, table water, chicken, some gluten and wonton cabbage soup. I will start with the drinks… the beers were warm. The table water… stank… like a dirty dishcloth (not sure how you make water smell that way but it was un-drinkable). There was no cabbage in the anemic looking broth, the chicken was cold and slimy, the gluten also cold and drenched in tepid grease. Leaning over the table, the aromas of wet dog and stale oil wafted up, not what I, at least would call appetizing. I feel like I’ll never have an appetite again. It really was that bad. Avoid this place at all costs.

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