Micro Cider Company – Cider Tasting

Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample the taste of the Adelaide Hills from the newest cider company – Micro Cider Company. Founded by friends Turon White and Catherine Lister in 2013, The Micro Cider Company aims to use local produce, which is grown in their orchard in Lenswood, to create the two ciders that we sampled at Gathered SA Market this past weekend.


Upon arriving at the market, we had the pleasure of meeting with Turon, who was lovely in providing us with some key background information about how Micro Cider Company came into existence and what products he had on offer for the tasting that we had been invited to.


The idea behind creating these products was to introduce the characteristics of a fine wine in a cider form – this includes the depth of flavours that are sourced locally (with the exception of ginger). Using the Normandy method of producing fine wine, the ciders are made to go through a 2-step fermentation process so that they can boast of levels of fineness and complexity in their flavours.


We first tried the Cloudy Cider with Ginger, which is made using a combination of apples, pears and ginger. This cider was dry – perhaps a bit too dry for my palette, but it has an aftertaste that might grow on you if you have been a cider drinker for a while.

Next, we tried the Cloudy Apple Cider, which is made using a combination of multiple types of apples. This cider was a bit less dry and I could really taste the citrus flavour. Personally, I preferred this cider as it presented with a richer flavour and it had a certain moistness that left a sweet and long-lasting aftertaste.


The beauty of these ciders from Micro Cider Company is that, unlike most ciders, these products possess the ‘vintage’ quality, where they can either be enjoyed fresh or stored away in a cellar and allow for maturation (just like wine).

Micro Cider Company offers its ciders at a number of locations in and around Adelaide, so next time you find yourself in any of these locations, make sure you try their cider and support our local Adelaide business for their products that use the freshest ingredients that the Hills has to offer!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan



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