Lady Burra Brewhouse – New Menu Launch

Adelaide Food Central was invited to the Lady Burra Brewhouse new menu launch. All food and drinks provided were complimentary.

Lady Burra is the full-fledged microbrewery in Adelaide CBD, proudly owning three fermenters on the site. The artisan beers produced from the brewery are absolutely fantastic with its smoothness, creaminess and distinct flavour. Little did I know that there is a story behind the name Lady Burra.

According to the owner, Lady Burra was the first and only female to be hanged in the Adelaide Gaol and the brewery is a tribute to her spirit and legacy. Lady Burra is not just a normal brewhouse, but also a bar and kitchen. The food served here is Portuguese-influenced, wholesomely prepared by Rosa who has been cooking Portuguese food for the
past 30 years. It’s the homely feeling that Rosa wants to give to her diners through her food.

The degustation dinner started with some canapes. The first starter was the citrus marinated salmon served with a burnt chilli aioli on a homemade multigrain bread. It was a good start to the night with the citrusy flavour cutting through the creaminess of salmon and aioli. Apart from that, the grain used in making the bread was the very same grain used to ferment the beer.


The second canape was the mozzarella stuffed crispy chicken wings with a roast garlic aioli. The wings were frenched perfectly and partially deboned to stuff the mozzarella. The chicken skin was then used to contain the mozzarella. It was then crumbed with panko and deep fried. The meat was moist and mozzarella just oozed as I took a bite. Oooohh, I just celebrated the crispiness, creaminess, cheesiness and garlicky flavour, all at the same time, in my mouth.


The starters were accompanied by house brewed American pale ale made by four malts. It had a citrus and tropical aroma from the addition of American hops late in the boil. Crispy, light and fresh, it was perfect with seafood, meat dishes and burgers.


I really loved this degustation dinner as the staff actually explained about the dishes and the beers. It gave me a better idea of how they were prepared and the heart that had been put forward into the dishes.

In Portuguese culture, the fish is normally served first in a family gathering, followed by the meat dishes. Lady Burra honoured the culture by serving us chargrilled and flaked cod with a Portuguese style punched potatoes and hot garlic sauce. The cod was salted and desalted for 3 days before being roasted in the woodfire oven, chargrilled and flaked just before the service. The potatoes were roasted in the oven and literally punched by the chef to infuse the flavour. It was a lovely dish and absolutely flavoursome.


The meat dish served was roasted pork leg with seasonal roast vegetables and Rosa’s gravy sauce. This homely dish was like a Sundays roast, with the addition of Portuguese touch from Rosa. The mains were accompanied by Lady Burra Irish Red Ale and India Pale Ale. The Irish red ale had a vibrant copper red colour with cream coloured head. The caramel malt sweetness was balanced nicely with plenty of noble hop kettle additions, providing a slightly
spicy yet earthy finish. It was perfect for wood oven pizza or even a Portuguese tart. The India pale ale on the other
hand delivered pine, spice, tropical fruit and apricot notes. It had a higher bitterness (65 IBU), well balanced by enough maltiness to keep it nice and smooth.


Last but not least, it was the much awaited Portuguese tart. The best Portuguese tart is all about the flakiness of the pastry that just breaks into pieces as you take the first bite. Lady Burra’s Portuguese tart absolutely hit the brief, easily crowning the best Portuguese tart in Adelaide CBD. I swooped down two of the tarts because they were just so delicious.


Besides that, we were also offered the Portuguese pudding with star anise, orange and caramel sauce which was similar to a flan. The sauce gave the pudding a rich and luscious finish.


We also had a cleansing drink, Lady Burra seasonal White Ale. It was brewed with a combination of wheat and barley malts, rolled oats, coriander and fresh orange peel. Definitely a great drink on a spring night with a light and refreshing tart finish.

To end the night, we had the Lady Burra Roburt Porter which combines dark malts and noble hops to provide an espresso-like bouquet with flavours of coffee, chocolate and dried fruit. It was light bodied with mild roasted malt aftertaste. It was my favourite beer of the night. Apart from that, Lady Burra also has her own brewtail, The Sherry Me. It was a concoction of gin, Irish red ale and sherry, garnished with caramel shard. We were loaded with beers and Portuguese food for the whole night. I thoroughly enjoyed the night, especially the beer. Lady Burra is absolutely a great venue to go after work for a drink and nibble. Oh and the Portuguese tarts too!

Words and Photos by Victoria Yap of Eat, Pray, Love

WHERE: 4 Topham Mall, Adelaide

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