The Amazon Basin – VIP Night

The Amazon Basin is one of Adelaide’s newest and unique dining destinations. Run by a husband and wife team, Huy and Jody, the couple have created an establishment that provides wines, desserts, tapas and fine whisky. It was Huy’s love of fish that saw the installation of Adelaide’s largest aquarium. Combine that with his passion for food and boutique wines, and the idea for The Amazon Basin was born.

The night was also a showcase of Woodside Cheese and Kies Wines, which form part of their menu. Adelaide Food Central, along with other media and guests were invited to their special VIP night. All food and drink were provided free of charge.


The food menu has a bit of everything. There are savoury delicacies, dim sum, platters, snacks and desserts, many of which are Asian inspired. The following are some of the tapas dishes that we got to try. My favourite were the Custard Puffs. Generous amounts of subtly sweet custard were filled into a light pastry shell. I remember eating these when I was a kid.







Kris Lloyd, Artisan Cheesemaker from Woodside Cheese was also on hand to allow guests to sample some of their products. My favourite out of the lot was the Persian Feta. The cheese was delicate and crumbly, and loaded with garlic.







Of course, you can’t have cheese without wine. Kies Wines were at the event to showcase some of their delicious wines. Having tried some of their Merlots, Shiraz and Sparkling, I have to say their wines are very approachable. My particular favourite was the Sparkling Monkey Nut Tree Merlot. It’s sweet with strong notes of jam, blackcurrant and raspberry.


The Amazon Basin really has something for everyone. Whether you’re up for tapas, snacks, cheeses or dessert to go with your boutique wine or cocktail, or you’re just like aquariums, this place has you covered. Being a dessert fan, I look forward to coming back and checking out their other offerings.

WHERE: Shop 2, 4-6 Brighton Rd, Glenelg East



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