Osteria Oggi

There’s a stretch of Pirie Street that has been under utilised for quite some time, however this is slowly changing with the opening of Osteria Oggi. While it’s very unassuming from the outside, the interior takes you to a different world. Some of the features include a concrete slab that runs the full length of the room, communal tables and booths in the main dining area, lovely high ceilings and a mezzanine kitchen area. Osteria Oggi is a fresh pasta and wine bar with a focus on simple food. Customers can select from a range of small tapas dishes, cured meats, freshly made pasta, risotto (only available on Tuesdays) and desserts.

For dinner, we had two mains to share. The first dish was the Tagliatelle with blue swimmer crab, blackened corn and black garlic puree. This dish was one of the best crab dishes I’ve ever had. The fresh pasta was firm, and had a silky smoothness about it. The corn added a crunchy texture and its sweetness complimented that of the blue swimmer crab. I usually catch restaurants out with their crab dishes by finding crab shells in my meal. There was not a single crab shell in this dish. The black garlic puree added depth to the dish and combined all the elements together.


The other main was the Gnocchi with oxtail ragu, jerusalem artichoke puree and parmigiano tegoli. The gnocchi was soft and pillowy, and each bite simply melted in your mouth leaving nothing but pure potato flavour. When done incorrectly, oxtail can be hard and chewy, but not in this case. The meat was soft, delicate and full of flavour. I also loved the parmigiano tegoli which was the circular bit of burnt cheese on top of the dish. The only issue with this dish was the oxtail bone I found in the meal. The staff were apologetic about the incident and gave us free coffee and dessert.


At the beginning of the night, we thought the service was excellent. The staff were very attentive and we felt we were looked after. Straight after the mains were served, the service became non-existent. It wasn’t as though we were hidden in the corner and there was certainly enough staff to go around. Apart from that and the oxtail bone found in one of the mains, the whole experience was hard to fault. At Osteria Oggi, they specialise in pasta, and they certainly make it better than anywhere else in Adelaide.

WHERE: 76 Pirie St, Adelaide




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