Down The Rabbit Hole – Boho Barcelona

Last night, Down the Rabbit Hole Wines invited Adelaide Food Central to celebrate another pop up cellar door adventure. After the overwhelming support of their first event, owners of Down The Rabbit Hole, Dom and Elise, have decided to spread this one over two nights. With the same adorable rabbit hole entry, this event has a Boho Barcelona theme to it. Guests were treated to Spanish inspired dishes, live music and of course a selection of Down The Rabbit Hole Wines.



Located at the Old Exchange Bar, the gorgeous vintage décor made for a bohemian, exotic feel. The place was decked out in cushions, Oriental rugs and tapestries, vines, candles, couches, books and misplaced lampshades.


We sampled three wines from the Down The Rabbit Hole range: the 2014 Tempranillo, the 2015 Friends and Lovers Rose and the 2014 Shiraz. The Tempranillo is a savoury, easy-drinking wine, comprising of dark cherries and liquorice. This wine has been pressed into seasoned oak to mature for 12 months ensuring richness in colour and flavour. The Friends and Lovers Rose is a dry and fresh rose, with hints of berries and apricot to add a subtle sweetness. It’s the perfect drink after a long hard day! The Shiraz has a silky tenderness to it, with flavours of dark red berries and undertones of pepper. This soft wine will fill your mouth and has a delightfully long smooth finish. And, of course, in true Spanish spirit we were treated to a sweet, refreshing Sangria!

To compliment the exquisite wine we were treated to some delicious Spanish food. The selection of tapas dishes reflected that of Spain: a simple, high quality collection of ingredients that will melt in your mouth.


The Steak and Chimichurri consisted of thin slices of lean, tender and well-marinated steak, with a green, garlic Chimichurri sauce.


The Anchovies, Green Olive and Green Pepper was a perfect combination for a slightly salty, fruity dish.


The Chorizo, Manchego and Olive delivered a good flavour contrast with the smoky flavour of the Chorizo, the sweet taste of the Manchego and the salty taste of the olives coming together perfectly.


The Prosciutto with Melon delivered another good flavour contrast of saltiness with sweetness.


One of the sweeter dishes was the Baked Apple and Manchego, the cheese and apple complimenting each other well.


The Spanish Omelette, also known as a Spanish Tortilla, had a light golden brown exterior. The egg and potato slices were soft and yet firm, with an added subtle sweetness of onions.


The Ricotta, Roasted Capsicums and Olives, consisted of a creamy ricotta with a hint of sourness, balanced well by the sweetness of the capsicums and the saltiness of the olives.


The Chicken and Chorizo Paella was a lovely well-infused dish rich in flavours. The rice was soft and delicate and the morsels of chicken were tender and succulent, marinated well in the stock. The chorizo had a lovely smoky flavour to it, adding that bit extra.


The Patatas Bravas consisted of crispy fried potatoes smothered in a thick Spanish paprika sauce. The tomato paste gives the dish a subtle sweetness while the pepper gives it a kick.


To finish off we had the classic Spanish dessert, Churros. The Spanish doughnut had a nice crunchy golden texture to it and, instead of cinnamon, a chocolate sauce was drizzled over to add that much needed sweetness.

Thank you to Down The Rabbit Hole for inviting us and congratulations on yet another successful event! Dom and Elise have put in so much thought into each pop up cellar door, and it’s something we always look forward to. Those fortunate enough to have tickets for tonight will also be able to share the same experience.

“We believe that a great bottle of wine can transform your day or night, take it from being ordinary to something really special.”

Words by Esther Reynolds-Verco from A Little Dainty

WHERE: 235 Grenfell St, Adelaide




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